Gabe Newell Says Super Mario 64 is His Favorite Non-Valve Game

Gabe Newell has revealed that his favorite non-Valve game is Super Mario 64. Newell, who’s known as the co-founder and managing director of Valve, previously expressed his fondness for the Nintendo 64 classic as well as its director and producer – Shigeru Miyamoto. Super Mario 64 was originally released in 1996 and a remake called Super Mario 64 DS hit the Nintendo DS in 2004.

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3-4-51659d ago

Mario 64 is probably my favorite game of all time.

It's still better than 90% of games released since 1996.

SpiralTear1660d ago

Does this mean that he loves certain Valve games more?

iceman13461659d ago


Daniel_Potter1659d ago

Gabe once said
"A product that is late, is late for a little while, but a product that sucks, will suck forever"
So please, shut up yourself and take your ignorance with you

Moncole1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

He never said that and the actual quot is "A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever" and Shiguru Myiamoto said it. Than people bring up Duke Nukem Forever but that game was bad because it always changed develpers and Gearbox probably worked on it for about a year and the game didnt have constant develepmemt time.

Daniel_Potter1659d ago
Watch the whole video, for the quote

And there are a few examples of great games that took long to develop
Like Alan Wake or LA Noire

ChickeyCantor1659d ago

Super mario bros 3 confirmed.

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