Prepare for Titanfall with the New Xbox One Headsets

Looking for an Xbox One headset in preparation for the release of Titanfall? Here's a rundown of every single pair available.

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XxMajeSteRxX1594d ago

Always liked wireless ones,the turtles come with the x1 adapter if im not mistaken,might as wel get one of those

Zombro1594d ago

Did they update there controller?

TheKingWilliamV1594d ago

Dont prepare for Titanfall with the POLK 4 SHOT headsets, I have two friends who both returned thier headsets because to us they sounded like they were under water. Instead purchase Turtle Beach or Astros ;-)


Just bought the adapter yesterday from best buy...I'm ready with my astro a50's.

GearSkiN1594d ago

Don't you think is dumb that we have to pay 30 just to use are headset

Zombro1594d ago

I bought the Polk four shot and I think they sound great.sounds like your underwater maybe because it blocks outside sound so well I highly recommend the Polk plus no protruding book stick

atlys1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

I have to agree with you. I just spent the last 3 days doing a playtest for Bethesda and we were using the Tritton 720+. Previously I'd never used gaming headsets, but I fell in love with the depth of the audio experience during the playtest and decided to pick some up. I chose the 4 shot purely on Polk's audio pedigree and the build quality. This headset is sturdy and well built, feels like it could take some abuse unlike some of the Turtle Beaches and Trittons I've seen. They're also stylish enough to be used with other devices in public and not look like a huge dork. Considering that the Turtle Beach XO Sevens are the same price as the 4 shot, I personally think the 4 shot is the better deal. Just my 2 cents.

DeadGotenks1594d ago

I picked up my XO sevens yesterday and I absolutely love them. I also have the px4 and astro a40s... but these bad boys sound wonderful on the x1!

Zombro1594d ago

Nice it was a hard decision for me but I'm sure there can be more then one good sounding headsets I went with the polk

TRD4L1fe1594d ago

Im looking to get the XO7 as well so its good to hear you like them


@Gearskin....I do but it is what it is.