Watch Dogs Will Feature Songs From Alice Cooper, Rise Against & Public Enemy

DSOGaming writes: "PC Games’ Olaf Szymanski has informed us about some new details regarding Watch Dogs. According to the german gaming website, Watch Dogs will feature songs from Alice Cooper, Rise Against & Public Enemy."

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GarrusVakarian1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

If it's going to have Public Enemy, no PE song would be more fitting to this game than this -

I know the context is different but Aiden is still "fighting the power" in Watch Dogs :p

BG115791592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

The machine!!!!!
I just can hope for it, but but knowing the groupe, it's kind of weird.

pedrof931592d ago


I know it's rage against the machine.

Do people refer them simply by Rage Against ?

john21592d ago

Rise Against is not Rage Against The Machine ;)

LAWSON721592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

Their biggest song I can think of is Savior, I really cant stand the singers voice, though and it gets kind of annoying in alot of the songs, to each their own. I wish was Rage Against the Machine that would have been badass. At least it has some Rock unlike GTAV, which I really hope it comes to PC with custom radio, lol

MrChow6661592d ago

Rise against is a band different from ratm

Avernus1592d ago

Seriously... "Rise against the Machine"?

Not to sound like a dick, but Rise Against is arguably one of the best punk rock bands of all this can be confused with Rage is beyond me.

OT: Great sound track!

BG115791592d ago

@john2 Such a disappointment for me. I really thought they omitted "the machine". Their songs would fit perfectly with thetheme of the game.
Didn't know there is a band called Rage Against. Got to check out some of their music. Thanks.

Tdmd1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

There is *Rage Against the Machine and *R-i-s-e Against. Two differend bands. Both really good.

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Geekman1592d ago

Gr.... can't... wait.... any longer...... WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! HADOKEN! KAMEHAMEHA! RASENGAN!

Alstor_H2O1592d ago

Yet something else seemingly dated about Watch Dogs.

TheTowelBoy1592d ago

Honestly it's easy to get on the hate train these days, ans while I was shocked by the footage I saw yesterday(not in a good way) I will give them a chance to prove it to me that the graphics haven't changed, and that what they showed was 360 footage. I've been contemplating canceling my preorder.. I don't want to :(

ironfist921592d ago

Love rise against. cant wait to play this game.

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