Destiny of Spirits Coming to PS Vita March 25th

The free-to-play social RPG Destiny of Spirits is hitting Vita in North America on March 25, Sony has announced.

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Gamesgbkiller1622d ago

Loved the beta.

I hope they fixed the loading times... it was too much :(

3-4-51622d ago

F2P is cool but what is with all these games recently having to do with Spirits and Souls.

It's just not appealing anymore once it's been used like 100 times in the last 200 games.

Still though, free games on vita is a good thing.

Gamesgbkiller1621d ago

You didn't play the game, right?

There a lot of good ideas in the game.

For example, you can use some PlayStation games characters like Gravity rush.

dragonyght1622d ago

Its fix there are a list of improvements on the PS blog

stavrami-mk21622d ago

Took a long time from beta hopefully they sorted it out Game had absolutely nothing to it. Just a bad version of rage of Bahamut