GLaDOS and The Sniper Join Up To Support GaymerX2

GLaDOS and The Sniper have come together to express their support for the upcoming GaymerX2 convention and encourage everyone else to do the same.

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-Foxtrot1622d ago

Why, what is the actual point of this convention

It's ridiculous that they are doing this again, a gamer is a gamer doesn't matter if your gay, bi, black white, male, female.

People go on about equality but then do things like this which separate people.

We have a gaming convention for "gay-mers" it's called E3, Gamescom, Penny Arcade, Eurogamer, Quakecon etc because they are for everyone.

Fireseed1622d ago

Because they are allowed to hold a convention to celebrate their pride? I think your confused between equality and pride. Ya see you can ask for equality but be proud of who you are. So while they fight for equality it's completely understandable to also be able to say "I'm proud of who I am"

But alas this video is great! :)

-Foxtrot1622d ago

We don't need to keep celebrating our pride, we have gay pride, I think that's enough for us

I really hate being a part of the LGBT community sometimes if this is how they go on, fighting for equality but then doing things which try and separate us more

There is honestly no point in doing things like this which will separate gamers inn sub categories....a gamer is a gamer.

It's just a silly convention that should of happened....whats next Black-Gamer con, Girl-Gamer con.

Lord_Sloth1622d ago

I'm sorry but I fail to see how sexuality is relevant to a GAMING event. If you're gay and want to hold a gay rally, fine, hold a gay rally. But why should you host a gaming event about your sexual orientation? The 2 aren't connected at all.

Keep politics in politics and out of video games. You're a gamer. Nobody cares if you're a "gaymer". Pure BS.

GentlemenRUs1622d ago

Being GAY used to mean you was really happy... But then people took that out of context then ruined the meaning for good...