Is a The Last of Us movie a good idea?

A The Last of Us movie is a great idea, but only if the film is handled properly.

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Activemessiah1596d ago

Isn't the game already the movie? o_O

GribbleGrunger1596d ago

Clearly you haven't played it.

Tdmd1596d ago

I agree and I don't mean that as a bad thing or a stealth troll attempt: I'm not saying it is one of those games you watch more than you play. No, what I am saying is that the game was so well done that there is very little a movie could add to the experience. Graphics were fantastic, narrative was fantastic, characters, atmosphere, timing. Really, to me, other than the fact it will get more people to enjoy this story, a movie is unecessary.

serratos271595d ago

Everything from the story to the characters and environment makes for an immersive experience. The dialogue between characters, those optional speech bubbles, drags you right in. Though as a player you must obviously interact, it does feel as through you're playing through something with the characters, versus just playing something. Though I disagree with you sir, I am excited to hear more about the movie. I'm hoping Neil tells a different story, which I'm sure is the direction in his writing he's taking. Even Troy Baker mentions how Neil won't make a story if he doesn't think it's worth telling.

jakmckratos1595d ago

Im pretty sure he meant it's a movie because how cinematic it is...not because it's all cutscenes...all the takedowns, the shooting the's all so polishd it feels like your watching it but that's just because gameplay is so fantastic you actually get lost in it. And as far as stories go, it's just one of the best if not THE best. Everything that happens feels completely natural and not forced.

Activemessiah1595d ago

thank you for bringing common sense... so rare these days :D +1

BrianSharon1596d ago

If done with the care that this property deserves, this could be fantastic.

Kurisu1596d ago

That's a very big "if".

Personally I think they should stay well away from making a film, they'll end up ruining it.

iSpeakTruth__1596d ago

Since Neil is doing the screenplay and Sam Raimi is producing we really don't have anything to worry about

clouds51596d ago

A very bad idea IMHO. Likely to kill the franchise if they're not careful.

stavrami1596d ago

films from games are normally a disaster BUT even though i have not played tlou i get it good be a good story to make into a film , i mean if they can make need for speed into a movie then why not do a game that has some emotion

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