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Is a The Last of Us movie a good idea?

A The Last of Us movie is a great idea, but only if the film is handled properly. (PS3, The Last Of Us)

Activemessiah  +   512d ago
Isn't the game already the movie? o_O
GribbleGrunger  +   511d ago
Clearly you haven't played it.
Dmd  +   511d ago
I agree and I don't mean that as a bad thing or a stealth troll attempt: I'm not saying it is one of those games you watch more than you play. No, what I am saying is that the game was so well done that there is very little a movie could add to the experience. Graphics were fantastic, narrative was fantastic, characters, atmosphere, timing. Really, to me, other than the fact it will get more people to enjoy this story, a movie is unecessary.
serratos27  +   511d ago
Everything from the story to the characters and environment makes for an immersive experience. The dialogue between characters, those optional speech bubbles, drags you right in. Though as a player you must obviously interact, it does feel as through you're playing through something with the characters, versus just playing something. Though I disagree with you sir, I am excited to hear more about the movie. I'm hoping Neil tells a different story, which I'm sure is the direction in his writing he's taking. Even Troy Baker mentions how Neil won't make a story if he doesn't think it's worth telling.
jakmckratos  +   511d ago
Im pretty sure he meant it's a movie because how cinematic it is...not because it's all cutscenes...all the takedowns, the shooting the scavenging...it's all so polishd it feels like your watching it but that's just because gameplay is so fantastic you actually get lost in it. And as far as stories go, it's just one of the best if not THE best. Everything that happens feels completely natural and not forced.
Activemessiah  +   511d ago
thank you for bringing common sense... so rare these days :D +1
BrianSharon  +   512d ago
If done with the care that this property deserves, this could be fantastic.
Kurisu  +   511d ago
That's a very big "if".

Personally I think they should stay well away from making a film, they'll end up ruining it.
iSpeakTruth__  +   511d ago
Since Neil is doing the screenplay and Sam Raimi is producing we really don't have anything to worry about
clouds5  +   511d ago
A very bad idea IMHO. Likely to kill the franchise if they're not careful.
stavrami  +   511d ago
films from games are normally a disaster BUT even though i have not played tlou i get it good be a good story to make into a film , i mean if they can make need for speed into a movie then why not do a game that has some emotion
ElitaStorm  +   511d ago
you know what? I think its a good idea, i already know the story and so does the gamers that have played the game but those who watch movies only need to what it to, its an amazing story.
Remy_S  +   511d ago
Video game movies have always been mediocre at best so if there ever was a truly great one it would surprise the hell out of me.
Chapter11  +   511d ago
No sequel, no movie, no lunchboxes, no condoms. I'm tired of every film and video game being turned into a mega franchise, ending only when everything that made the original great has been totally sucked out.
skoorydook  +   511d ago
No it never ever works out well the best we could hope for would be mediocre, it would ultimately end being very loosely based on the game with a very poor story and script.
floetry101  +   511d ago
What can a film adaptation possibly add to this story?

Literally nothing. There is nothing to gain from this. Everything that needed to be said in the game, has been said. It is an exemplary display of the medium and doesn't need to be altered or changed in any way.

Hell, you might as well consider 'The Road' to be the film version of 'The Last of Us'.
jakmckratos  +   511d ago
TuxedoMoon  +   511d ago
A movie isn't needed for the game. You can say the same about movies adapted from books and comics. Those who usually read the books and then watch the movies complain about how crappy the movie was because it left out X amount of important stuff. I heard complaints about Lord of the Rings, Watchmen, and Harry Potter, despite them being amazing movies. The people that complain didn't like the changes.

A movie isn't needed, but it has the single benefit of broadening the audience. Are most movie goers gamers...the same gamers who WOULD play TLOU? Based on the people I've run into, they wouldn't play through TLOU. Another benefit of live action movies is that people these days can't take things seriously if it's not live action. I have a friend who ANY, and I mean ANY sort of animated movie seriously. Why? Because it's not REALISTIC. The story could be amazing, but just because it's animated (3d,2d,anime, western, etc), they can't process it at all. A live action movie is kinda needed for people like this to enjoy the story (as stupid as it sounds).

If the movie is adapted extremely well, then there shouldn't be a problem. Problems arise when they try to make it a sequel or a prequel or something stupid. Just copy and paste...The story doesn't need too many tweaks to be a movie.
Hazmat13  +   511d ago
well i would not mind a different story but in the same universe, who knows this might be about the 20 year gap between the the event and the job
Gabnet  +   511d ago
I really don't feel it's necessary IMO
TheTowelBoy  +   511d ago
I honestly don't think Neil would have done it if they thought they couldn't do it justice.
serratos27  +   511d ago
Agreed. People seem to assume that the movie will be a movie take of Joel and Ellie's story, but I haven't read anything about whether we will see these two again, at all, or if there will be a new story. I would imagine they would want to tell a different story though, even if it's about Joel and Ellie. Doesn't make sense to simply translate the game into film. Neil wouldn't do that! He's too genius.
TheTowelBoy  +   511d ago
Exactly, they've created such a rich universe with TLOU, no need to back track into Ellie and Joel. They have PLENTY of other stuff we would be interested in. The problem is getting the general public interested. We gamers drool over a good gamer movie, but I'm not so sure it'll sell. Not saying I won't buy the crap out of it :P
ceballos77mx  +   511d ago
I dont mind, actually im really looking forward to it and if done right and its a hit it will be a big FU!! to all those critics that say that video games are not art.
jgrigs09  +   511d ago
People aren't saying video games aren't art. They are saying. Stay away from The Last of Us because they don't want it to be trashed. Which most likely it will be, if Sam Raimi's fingers are touching it.
Wni0  +   511d ago
yeah go go
jgrigs09  +   511d ago
No just No. Sam Raimi is doing the movie as well. He'll turn it to even more shit. sorry guys, but this game does NOT need to be made into a movie.
Salooh  +   511d ago
You people are so negative. So far everything indicate that it will be at least a good movie. But i heard a lot of games getting movies for them but i don't see them release.
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