Europe Weekly, 1st March 2014

PS4 42,796 (-23%)
3DS 40,138 (-3%)
PS3 19,438 (+4%)
XOne 14,241 (+19%)
WiiU 11,136 (-2%)
PSV 9,899 (-5%)
X360 9,166 (+2%)
PSP 6,228 (-6%)
Wii 5,208 (-4%)

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BelkingOfSony1593d ago

Xbox one smashed by the ps4, ps4 selling almost 3 times as much. But since this is vgchartz and how they always undertrack sony and overtrack xbox I suspect the difference to be bigger.

DanielGearSolid1593d ago

Cmon on man...,I just saw you claim Vgchartz was off witg the US charts. Stop being a hypocrite

brew1593d ago

He is the BelkingOfSony which obviously gives him the automatic right to be extremely hypocritical and fanboyish.

Unreal011593d ago

I mean, I'm all for the PS4 doing well, but the hypocrisy when it comes to VGCharts is just incredible.

scott1821593d ago

Wow, PS4 doing great. Congrats to Microsoft in the US and to Sony in Europe.

GameNameFame1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )


PS4 still outsold in US too for total sales.

just saying..

LeCreuset1593d ago

His comment isn't inconsistent with his previous position. Read it over, carefully.

Clogmaster1593d ago

I believe in this case, it's not using VGChartz in a hypocritical way, but using the fact that they consistently undertracked Playstation, and overtracked XBox as a good margin to assume the gap is actually wider.

It's deductive compensation. Pretty effective actually.

Kiwi661593d ago

It only suits them when its in favor of the ps4 then its like "yay vgchartz is the best since it shows our console is on top " yet when it shows that the xbox 1 has done better for that week vgchartz is wrong

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droc11231593d ago

Am I the only one who noticed the PS3 outsold the X1

LeCreuset1593d ago

Nope. It's just been happening so much that it lost its shock value.

HaveAsandwich1593d ago

it's been going on. nothing to see here.

WeAreLegion1593d ago

Can we not have the same debate in every vgchartz article?

CharlesSwann1593d ago

vgchartz is always under tracks sony. Always have, always will. This numbers are off.

lolCHILLbro1593d ago ShowReplies(6)
danny8181593d ago

I thought titanfall was supposed to raise x1 sales

brew1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

They did raise , by 19% !

No_Limit1593d ago

As far as I know, Titanfall won't be out for another week so how could it raise sale when it is not even made available for purchase. Logic man.

danny8181593d ago

Well the anticipation of people wanting that game would raise the X1 sales number, ergo titanfall is a system seller. Apparently not

Boody-Bandit1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

"Titanfall won't be out for another week so how could it raise sale when it is not even made available for purchase. Logic man."

By preordering the TitanFall XBOX ONE bundle. That's how. Which is more than like why MS's number have a bump in Europe and America.

Edit: "Nice try though?"
Are you 10 years old? When you pay in full for the XBOX ONE with the digital TitanFall game it's counted as a sale by companies like Best Buy and GameStop. I always pay in full when I preorder hardware like I did when I myself pre-ordered one of these bundles for my son at the local Best Buy last week.

No_Limit1593d ago

"By preordering the TitanFall XBOX ONE bundle. That's how"

Err...pre ordering doesn't count on sale from the is based on estimate of actual sale of units. Nice try though.

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