Developers’ Point of View about The [email protected] Which Will Launch This Month- Pros and Cons

Pointgames:Many critiques believe that Microsoft’s [email protected] really failed to get a great start by having the first wave of games showcased at GDC and launched after, in the course of this month.

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CharlesSwann1657d ago

Pretty uninformed article giving a few xbone developers one sentence each to tell us what they think about things that can be said in a sentence.

Software_Lover1657d ago

1-10 "articles" on N4G have substance. That is on the liberal side.

Lawboy21657d ago

I swore they said there is like over 200 developers...why does this article mention 3....3=|=200

n4rc1657d ago

They gave a list of 65 awhile back.. Tho I think they were newly added.. Not sure the total number of devs signed on