Samus Aran Vs Master Chief - Who Would Win?

We break down of the 2 characters based on their strengths and weakness and a fictional battle scenario of how it might go down if they did fight.

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Shok1656d ago

"Samus Aran is not built for close combat nor does she ever attempt it. She has no effective melee attacks and access to melee weapons is a major drawback for her."

Not to mention Smash Bros. And how does Chief win ranged combat when he relies on a battlefield where he has to pick up guns of dead soldiers? If it's just them, 1v1, he'll just run out of ammo while Samus literally has infinite ammo, 3 types of missiles, AND can lock-on. Technically she can never miss, unless the target is really fast.

buffalo10661656d ago

smash bros isnt an accurate representation of any video game character it contains. The post also says its a draw in ranged combat. They are evenly matched when it comes to their ability to fire weapons. Samus won the category for weapons they have available to them. At least read the post before complaining about it

Shok1656d ago

It's not complaining lol, this isn't a serious topic or anything. of course the article is for fun. I mean to say though that the ranged combat would be a draw. (I did actually read the article, that's how I was able to copy-and-paste a quote).

But if what you say about Smash is true, then what character in Smash can't do things that they do in their respective games? Other M Samus is actually way more badass than Smash Samus lol.

PoSTedUP1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

samus is more agile, does flips and stuff, can easily evade what master chief has to offer. *master chief slowly floats in air*--*samus charges hyper beam*--BOOM, master chief confetti everywhere.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1655d ago

Shokio all you had to say was Power Bomb.

lameguy1656d ago

Have we all forgotten about Haloid already?

Tempest3171656d ago

@lameguy Loved this video!

Edsword1656d ago

Samus hands down. The master chief has never fought Ridley or Mother Brain. One hyper blast and the chief would be toast. :) no offense to Halo fans.

PixelNinja1656d ago

The Halo 5 trailer more than makes up for Ridley.

PixelNinja1655d ago

lol, I'm getting dislikes. You are pathetic :D

That massive promethan bird in the Halo 5 trailer is way WAY bigger then Ridley.
*sigh* I guess some nintentoddlers will dislike anything that makes them butthurt.

Stoppokingme1656d ago

Samus wins by default. Master chief had to poop and it took him 45 minutes to get his armor off before he could sit on the can.

PixelNinja1656d ago

Hate to break it to you but John poops in his suit.

TotalSynthesisX1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

Note: This is coming from a guy whose favorite video game series is Halo.

Does Chief have 100+ missiles that can lock on to targets? Ability to morph into a ball for evasive maneuvers? Infinite bombs in morph ball mode? Infinite ammo for an arm cannon? Multiple beam types such as power, plasma, ice, wave, dark, light, nova, annihilator, hyper? Ability to charge the beam for a more powerful blast? Ability to use Hyper Mode to increase offensive capability by orders of magnitude? A grapple beam for enhanced movement? A visor capable of scanning enemies for weaknesses, another to see using X-rays, infrared? 10 layers of shielding (energy tanks)? A morph ball power bomb that can vaporize the surrounding area instantly? Nope. And the last, most important thing that Chief doesn't have? Boobs.

Samus wins, no contest.

(There's still a crapload of more abilities that Samus has at her disposal, but I'm tired of typing LOL.)

Edit: About the only thing Chief has going for him is energy shields that auto-recharge. Samus has to kill things to recharge hers.

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