Watch a live inFAMOUS Second Son gameplay demo tonight

Sony Computer Entertainment UK livestreamed a special show on inFAMOUS: Second Son including several minutes of lovely gameplay narrated by Game Director Nate Fox with his usual charm.

Cinematics start at -39 minutes mark (livestream have time inverted from the end), while gameplay is at -35:30 minutes from the end.

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pedrof931626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

Weird moment at 56:48

What does Nate says ?

EDIT: Nevermind it was Delsin who says that.

13:22 I know that's bad. But I had to LOL hard.

Kingthrash3601626d ago

lol i noticed that too
beautiful game...truly next over hyping needed to sell this. day 1 for me.

GarrusVakarian1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

I can't get over how good this game looks, the mix of lighting and everything being reflected in the puddles looks amazing. Every time he drains a neon source i grin ear to ear.

And that evil red neon is making me want to do an evil karma playthrough first.

ArchangelMike1626d ago

@Lukas, I was actually thinking about that. I always play the good guy first, but this game is really making me want to play the bad guy first.

I look at Delsin in the trailers and cut scenes and I think, yeah he'd definately go bad guy.

Meltic1626d ago

Absolutly day 1 for me. This and MGS will keep me busy many weeks

WeAreLegion1626d ago

Nope! I'm on media lockdown with this one. It's a guaranteed classic, as far as I'm concerned. The first big next-gen exclusive! (No, that's not a dig at Titanfall. Believe me.) This game was built around the PS4 and wasn't hindered by a launch date.

Bathyj1626d ago

Same. I might have to quit N4G for a week before it's out. I don't want anyone ruining it for me.

Meltic1626d ago

Between 15 and 21 march. Keep out from infamous second son news. You can still visit the website but put ur Eyes away if u see infamous news :). This is the last i watched Before march 21. Now im off from infamous news. Cant wait to play the game. New Powers and explore

Bigpappy1626d ago

From what I watched Of IGN's game play and now this, I can say for certain that is a good looking game that gives you lots of power, but does not interest me at all. Something for younger teens to play around with. Some will think I have this opinion because it is a PS4 exclusive. That is not the case. I actually find 'The Order' very much more appealing and my type of game. This one looks to fall into a similar trap as KZ: good graphics, boring gameplay.

GarrusVakarian1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

Boring gameplay? What are you talking about? From what Delsin/the player has access too in this gameplay, it looks pretty good.

If you played the past Infamous games you would know that you start off with very limited powers and moves. You will have a much bigger and deeper arsenal in the finale game compared to what we have seen so far. It;'s not going to be the same old 'throw neon bomb, 3 hit slash' for the entire game. If it's anything like the past games there will be tons of combos and moves.

The gameplay will be great. The traversal looks smoother than ever and the combat looks to keep you on your toes, just like the past games. Maybe, you should wait and see more of the unlocks before passing judgement.

Bigpappy1626d ago

Ok, fair enough. Veterans of the game would know what to expect, but onlookers like myself, need to be wooed by intense or fun game play.

WeAreLegion mention that it is the first big next gen exclusive and sited TF. I mentioned KZ as a reminder that this was also said of KZ.

No doubt it will exceed expectations for some, but I done see anything so far that will make people want to run out and get a PS4 if they don't have one already.

DigitalRaptor1625d ago

So you've seen the gameplay of this game, AND you've seen the gameplay of The Order, and based on the gameplay alone you think INFAMOUS looks the boring one?

You're fooling nobody pappy. I'm expecting the same stealth trolling closer to the launch of The Order.