Four Things I Want from Uncharted 4

Naughty Dog's creative director Amy Hennig departed the studio earlier this week and while the development of Uncharted 4 hasn't been affected, the game's still some way off. Here's some of my hopes for what Nathan Drake will get up to next.

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WizzroSupreme1596d ago

I just want the same tone to be carried over into a fourth game. Hope they don't just copy and paste The Last of Us into it. My hope would be that they find a new character too, I fear Drake would already get old by a fourth entry.

king_george1596d ago

Drake is pretty much a timeless mascot by this point similar to microsofts master chief or one of nintendos characters. I want drake in my uncharted but i do hope they can come up with something we havent seen before to keep the series fresh. Uncharted 1 introduced lush jungles, 2 brought urban environments and mountains, and 3 gave us an awesome middle eastern type environment along with bars and little towns. I'd like a new environment from 4. Atlantis? Lol i wish. That would be awesome

WizzroSupreme1593d ago

Damn, makes me think of all those fake Atlantis game covers people were making online. Shoot, I bet that's the one card they haven't played yet.

1596d ago
ITPython1596d ago

I just hope they don't take too many pages from UC3's book. I love the Uncharted series, but I really disliked UC3, the story was good, the graphics were great... but I hated the uninspired gun fights, as it was simply "Move to point B, then fight off 5 waves of enemies. Rinse and repeat". It was not fun in the least.

I want the exploration back, and the gunfights should take a back seat. Obviously it should still be a big presence, but UC3 was way too focused on the gunfights, it was essentially a COD third-person shooter. I would like to see UC4 adopt more of a exploration and stealth kind of gameplay. Make it so we can sneak up on people and hide in bushes, IMO that would be amazing for a UC game!

Also I hope they don't waste too much time on the multiplayer, as that is the reason why UC3 was the way it was, simply because the team split too much of their resources between MP and the SP. Heck, I would be all for not having a MP at all (or separating it). Games like Uncharted should never have multiplayer, and should be SP only. Same goes for Assassins Creed. As multiplayer for these games will always be an after-thought, and will always weaken the SP experience.

-Foxtrot1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

I don't think they need to hint at the future and a new character

Nolan is still kicking around and everyone still loves Drake. I'd say they have a character they can keep around for years. Obviously with Richard McGonagle being older he might not always be around so a replacement for Sully would be better. In my opinion I think with their relationship Elena could be the one to take his place, after Uncharted 3 it seems her love for adventuring returned and I think they could explain how she accepts Drakes adventures because thats who he is, embracing it.

I just hope Uncharted 4 will be based around Drake and Elena this time, she was hardly in Uncharted 3. I want to see her be with Drake from the start of game instead of being roped into the adventure half way through the game.

We've seen some flashbacks of Sully and Drake, what about Drake and Elena...what happened in the gaps after Drakes Fortune, Among Thieves etc. Why did she leave him twice, what was the wedding like, was their smaller adventures and was their an incident before they broke up that put her off hunting for treasures.

"And speaking of who might replace Drake one day, a pregnant Elena would certainly pose a whole new dynamic to the game"

The one thing I NEVER want to see for a long time in this franchise is Elena getting pregant.

Children always ruin great characters because it changes their personality.

Look at Rick and Evie in The Mummy compared to the Mummy Returns, they are always going on about Alex and the plot ends up focusing too much time on him. We really don't need that in Uncharted

Elena is to focused on her career and Drake isn't cut out to be a dad just yet, especially putting his life at risk all the time.

-Foxtrot1596d ago

I think after the events of Uncharted 3 Francis Drake's story is over and done with

Games 1-3 came full circle with Francis Drake, it started with him because of his ring and <SPOILERS>......ended with his ring as Drake let Marlowe sink with it.

I suspect he'll crop up when we find out why Drake decided to pretend he was his ancestor.

BlakHavoc1596d ago

He's talking about the legendary explorer Sir Francis Drake, the Drake in the games is not named Francis.

-Foxtrot1596d ago


lol...have you played Uncharted

Nathan Drake says he's Sir Francis Drakes descendent.

The ring Nathan Drake has is Sir Francis Drakes, the story about El Dorado and Atlantis of the Sands were about Sir Franics Drake

BladerunnerZX1596d ago

I want , I want, I need , I need.

some gamers are well asses.

BlakHavoc1596d ago

Call me crazy, but I actually thought UC3 was better than UC2...

medman1595d ago

You're crazy.

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