Top 10 Moments of Last Gen

AMHNetwork have compiled their list of the Top 10 moments of the last generation of gaming. What do you think of their choices?

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WizzroSupreme1445d ago

2013 certainly did hit it off in grand fashion. Will never forget Red Dead's end though, especially the sort of post-game reveal.

lolCHILLbro1445d ago

PSN Hack anyone? made CNN Global news as the biggest hack in history lol

Gocatters17021445d ago

I'm glad they just focussed on in game moments, rather than fishing for controversial moments

DCfan1445d ago

MGS4's ending would top my list.

Picnic1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

In no particular order (if I had played more Xbox 360 games perhaps there might have been scenes in, say, Alan Wake, I might have chosen. I wait to be able to download it on Xbox One please. I also haven't played any Nintendo games since the Gamecube nor any PC games). Honourable mention to Ron Gilbert's The Cave- I love the Hillbilly level enormously:

1) Sony decides not to charge for online play for a whole generation on PS3, even though Microsoft had been charging for it the whole of the previous generation BEFORE.

2) Bioshock - introduction to Rapture.

3) Bioshock Infinite - skyhook attacks and any time you see sunlight streaming through a window.

4) The mutant section on Uncharted : Drake's Fortune. Moment of the generation mainly because of how scarily hard it was. Scarier than anything in The Last of Us even because it was so stacked against you! Not a moment that I want to repeat.

5) Uncharted 2- the train section is beautiful graphically but overrated gameplay wise so I vote for the tank chasing you through an entire level.

6) Dishonored - Lady Boyle's Party. Very beautifully drawn and a surprisingly large amount of the level is outside of the mansion- it's an easy place to get in but not an easy place to reach.

7) The Unfinished Swan- the blend of sound effects, visuals, level design and story telling. The 'moment' for me is very late on when you walk through an eerie party. It's almost like playing Metroid Prime, this game, in terms of its beautiful isolation.

8) Limbo- the slow motion ending as you fluke your way past a whirring saw. A very simple and very elegantly done ending.

9) Heavy Rain goes places where few other games had gone with such intensity (the first Max Payne game excepted).
The add on is arguably the most intense thing you could play this generation, choosing how, where and when to hide as a dramatic split screen shows that you can't delay- or should you delay?

10) Beyond Two Souls. The garage. Oh no- I must warn you.

Kriandis1445d ago

The death of Sarah in the Last Of Us was ruined for me because my wife started cutting onions.

Picnic1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

The most moving parts in that game for me were with Henry and Sam- very real feeling characters.