DirectX12 coming to Xbox One

The DirectX12 website has been updated added the Xbox One logo

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Kayant1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

Mistermediax redeemed /s

To be expect tbh. They will most likely talk about the parallels they learnt working with XB1 in transferring that to PC (in terms of the low-level optimizations)

MorePowerOfGreen1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

If you say so CBOAT. Dat spin and downplaying.

I remember PS3's early performance just after launch and I'll remember XB1's.

These new tools will make Tiled Resources in Direct3D 11+(Directx 11.2, look like warm ups.

4Sh0w1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

Lukas I'm actually confused myself because from my understanding DirectX 12, is a benefit for pc more so than a console, sort of like Mantle is a tool to help PC for lower level programming like consoles already do, but I could be waaay off so I'd appreciate if anybody has a "plain english" explanation.

Edit, I meant to reply to Lukas below.

Kayant1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

I do say so misterx insider....

Fiction and delusion works in wonderful ways....

Am sure MS will unlock the 128MB ESram, the second stacked chip thus by making the Xbox have an *innovative memory system* making it HSA compliant and with console level optimization with stereo drivers XB1 will be able to produce 10-12TF* depending on situation.



Same here but from what I understand it means that XB1 could share the API features that DX12 will have.

On a side note I expect a new blog from misterx by tomorrow.

Also looool at me being CBOAT.

DoesUs1260d ago

"I remember PS3's early performance just after launch and I'll remember XB1's"

Great, but the PS3 wasn't 40/45% down on power.

"These new tools will make Tiled Resources in Direct3D 11+(Directx 11.2, look like warm ups."

No, they won't. Sorry to burst you little bubble there.

Tools/tools/tools/SDK/SDK, what happened to all the cloud power and hidden super duper tripple layered design?

Your dumbness on tech talk knows no bounds.

rdgneoz31260d ago

"I remember PS3's early performance just after launch and I'll remember XB1's."

Sales or hardware performance? With sales, it released a year later than the 360 with a more expensive product. MS took the lead though Sony caught up eventually. Hardware, it had a powerful system that was difficult to program for till people got use to it.

Atm, you have xbone being a less powerful system that's more expensive...

vulcanproject1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

Sigh. It'll only be a few tool updates for Xbox One at best. The real significance is for PC gaming and always has been.

DirectX 12 isn't going to bring some sort of revolution in performance for Xbox One. It'll potentially add or improve some features, but that's what EVERY console EVER has done with their toolset and API, continuous, gradual evolution.

DX12 is much more important and significant for PC, because it should enable much lower level hardware access, closer to the kind of access a console already offers.

It'll effectively make Mantle pretty much DOA just because of how slow AMD have been.

For anyone hoping that DirectX 12 is going to some sort of miraculous performance boost across the board for Xbox One they are going to be disappointed.

Leo Atrox1260d ago

DoesUs: "Tools/tools/tools/SDK/SD K, what happened to all the cloud power and hidden super duper tripple layered design?"

I don't know what "super duper tripple [sic] layered design" is, but the much ballyhooed "cloud power" is supposedly coming with Watch_Dogs. It ought to be interesting to see the difference between the PS4 and Xbox One versions. The PS4 has more power and better graphics; but, according to Ubisoft, all that dust blowing and trees swaying stuff in the early trailers is going to be powered by Azure servers in the Xbox One version of the game. I'm eager to see if this cloud thing makes any difference between the two noticeable.

GameNameFame1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

LOL. OpenGL and Mantle is far better suited for console.

Direct X12 is better for PC where you need optimization Direct X12 lacks.

Btw, this does not unlock extra power. It still remains about 50 percent gap of GPU.

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darthv721260d ago

In other words...the new moniker will be:

GameNameFame1260d ago

Btw, what really is the point of this if Xbox One is not strong enough to handle features on DX11.

and btw, all DX11 features is literally on OpenGL.

Check this out

Also, real dev who pushes hardware to limit doesnt even use this. They "code to metal" on PS4 and Xbox One to push it to limits.

Then, all it really matters is how much power you got? and Xbox One has far less.

pyramidshead1260d ago

Apparently devs don't even use DX11.2 yet in its entirety if at all so expect games to be using DX12 in about 4 years or more, for console anyway.

Also, that awkward moment when the Day Z dev could be talking about anything lol.

k3rn3ll1260d ago

I don't think many people are expecting improvements across the board. If u know tech at all you won't.

But either way any improvements are a good thing. I mean 2 days ago everyone was saying the xbox wouldn't benefit at all because the systems were already done and out before dx12 was finished. So all the people that believed that are wrong.

360ICE1260d ago


You're right. DirectX uses Direct Input among other things to help programmers deal with different types of drivers and computers. It could probably still be helpful for consoles, though. Maybe save console devs some hardcoding.

We'll see at GDC.

Prime1571260d ago

I don't know, I expect something like "d3d vs ogl" campaign all over again.

Which means piling money on the PR and "ability" (ability as if it's better) while having very similar, while less returns as it's competitions.


DOMination-1260d ago

So much downplaying here at n4PSg. This news isn't going to change the world but extra supported features are always welcome and if it helps xb1 thats a good thing even for Sony - because better toolsets for xb1 means better multiplats and that should mean the ps4 version won't need to be as badly "gimped" (if that happens)

This should be good news for everyone

andibandit1260d ago

Yeah, N4G is the only place where good news is bad news

Gamer19821260d ago

So what if its coming to Xbox One? IT means nothing really as devs will take a few years to get used to it just like with DX11 meaning if they do use it games won't look as good as DX11. Also you gotta understand how these things work to understand how well they will help a console and the fact is it wont help the xbox one at all at least not from a graphical standpoint. It may make games look better but it will take a bigger hit to hardware than DX11. The BIG plus side is porting PC DX12 games will be a lot easier as they won't be forced to remake in DX11. So it means less chances of devs just saying I CBA making an xbone version because its too much hassle.

SephirothX211260d ago

Directx 12 will provide a low level graphics AI and a higher level API that abstracts the functionality of the lower level API. Therefore the higher level API should not be too different from DirectX 11. DirectX 12 is basically an improved version of DirectX 11.x that the Xbox One currently uses and it will be added with a software update. Developers will then be able to choose what API to use on Xbox One. I'm currently working with DirectX 11.2 and anxious to see what DirectX 12 will bring to the table.

bmx_bandit1260d ago

I said it in here weeks ago and got hundres of disagrees.....

DirectX 12 will bring the possibility to put a whole 1080p picture in the 32mb-ESRAM-Framebuffer. So 1080p will be standard.

Ju1259d ago

FYI: Neither Mantel nor OpenGL exits for (next Gen) consoles. PS3 offers a PSGL API based on OpenGL/ES (incl. CG support).

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christocolus1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

This could be one of the upcoming features the dayz dev was talking about. I guess we will know more at GDC.

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GarrusVakarian1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

Can someone explain to me what this actually means? I'm such a noob when it comes to things like this.

How can a new SDK and Directx12 improve weaker hardware? Genuine question. How much of a performance boost would this grant and HOW are my main questions.

AutoCad1260d ago

this from reddit

DirectX is a performance interface that the xbox utilizes. It's designed to handle processes executed by your GPU. In theory, as DirectX is optimized, it's designed to get a little bit more out of the hardware you're using, namely graphics.

Pogmathoin1260d ago

Not necessarily weaker hardware, just some key poor choices, stiff design. It is close to PS4, but at same time, miles away due to key choices. No doubt devs will get better with it, and tools to help, but still, MS certainly dropped the ball on X1.

Eonjay1260d ago

Simply put, a more efficient API will allow developers to access more power with less effort. The most efficient code is machine language and since you can't expect developers to write advanced graphics engines in machine code, the next besr thing is an API that can do the low level talking for you.

For Example, when it was reported that the ICE team had increased tiling performance, the developer also noted that he had written the code in ASM, which is a low level code that is closer to machine code than C. This updated library will become part of the new API that increases the efficiency of higher level development.


In short... Code Compression

SonofGod1260d ago

On June last year MS showed a presentation where they had a GPU with a 16MB memory limit and used it to stream 6GB worth of textures. This will be the future of gaming.

I'm pretty sure the XO was made with Directx 12 in mind, that would explain the ESRAM and the tile move engines. Interesting..

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pyramidshead1260d ago


I would avoid reddit for definitions lol.

ChickeyCantor1260d ago

The problem with DirectX and OpenGL ( and anything similar ) is that there are layers of higher level code so that developers don't have to deal with technicalities such as machine specific code.

Because of these layers you are adding more overhead to your processing. It takes longer because of more added data that needs to be processed.

Consoles don't change hardware so developers can actually program closer to machine code instead of having all those extra layers to abstract hardware specifications.

This doesn't exist on PC's because of all the hardware configuration. That's why you need that level of abstraction.

But MS ( as well as the developers of OpenGL)is trying to do what AMD did with Mantle. OpenGL and DirectX are not just meant for games. So the API's served their purpose. But it seems like both DirectX and OpenGL are getting an overhaul to optimize code so it's closer to machine code. Less Overhead, more speed.

Prime1571260d ago

They are cutting the fat off of the steak. Optimization happens across the board...

Oh, it's you Lukas, I totally bought into this like you didn't know,... Lol, well said.

Still, hardware is like a pool while software fills that pool. Software can only try to maximize hardware, not increase it. So, yes, this helps, but how does it help when comparing hardware.

Gamer19821260d ago

The problem is with DX is MS have a bad habit of using DX updates to just add new features ( like realistic fire and atmosphere) to the engine rather than optimize it. If anybody ever remembers DX10 it was horrid! You needed 5X the hardware specs to run games in DX10 mode for only 1X times the graphics..
Here's a great example

Those thinking this will help Xbone get better looking games by using less hardware are in for a shock as MS has a bad habit of going the opposite way..

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AngelicIceDiamond1260d ago

So DirectX12 is coming to X1.

What exactly does that mean again?