Watch_Dogs Will Let You Collect Cars, Has "Tons" of Costumes and Minigames like Poker and Chess

During a livestream event being held right now by Ubisoft, Watch_Dogs Creative Director Jonathan Morin explained that the game will have quite a few elements you're familiar with in open world games.

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bobsmith1354d ago

no planes and helicoptors just like the other dogs game sleeping dogs weak

1354d ago
princejb1341354d ago

why do you need planes and helicopters
this isn't gta, if you want planes go play that

OWWO1354d ago

there you go.u got 21 disagrees

bobsmith1354d ago

lol 0 agrees too whatever

MisterFantastic1354d ago

Will it include the ability to purchase better graphics!? >=( ...Ubisoft always lie to the consumers. Ubisoft reminds me of that one chick who always say she'll have sex with you after school, but never comes over. Last time I get excited for a Ubisoft game

Eonjay1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

Yes, Ubisoft is just like that chick who doesn't want to have sex with you. *Facepalm*

MisterFantastic1354d ago

Don't be a chicken neck hula hoop eyed jive turkey

BattleTorn1354d ago

*screaming* She said she'd have better graphics!

Eonjay1354d ago

I think this game is much better than we realize. I think Ubisoft has only itself to blame for not sharing more details. I am willing to learn more about this title whenever they are ready to share. GTA style car "collecting"; Poker and Chess? Yes please.

dc11354d ago

I love it!
Can't wait to beat some npc suckered in chess. ..


I'm talking real big now....gulp!!

madduey1354d ago

Couldn't care less, if it looks like what I saw yesterday then I may just cancel my pre order

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The story is too old to be commented.