Grand Theft Auto V Was Way Too Successful

CCC Says: "It’s been a while since its release, so you might have forgotten what a huge freakin’ deal GTA V was when it dropped. So allow me to remind you: it was a huge freakin’ deal. Aside from being one of the fastest selling games to garner over a billion dollars (which is a pile of cash so large I wanna’ cry), the series continues to set a new standard in “sandbox” gaming with each version. Frankly, no one can touch GTA in what it does, as it clearly is and will always be the biggest dog in the yard."

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admiralvic1657d ago

This is only a problem if it negatively impacts the product, like how people constantly say CoD is stagnate. However, people thought GTA V was great (I've yet to see any real negative buzz about it), so I don't think it's fair to say it was too successful.

If anything, it's great to see a game people thought was amazing get the amount of recognition it deserves. Nothing is worse than seeing a great game, get great scores and then sell like crap (like most things Platinum Games* does).

* However, PG does need to work on being more rounded. While they have the style / substance thing down, their stories could be a lot better.

Ezio20481657d ago

160 gotys
97 metacritic
32 million sales
gta V defines success :D

SneakyDoo1656d ago

And? Rockstar deserved the success. They're one of the few developers who actually care for quality and detail.