Watch_Dogs: “Don’t worry about the Graphics,” “They’re at No Risk at All”

During a livestream held this evening Watch_Dogs Creative Director Jonathan Morin mentioned that people don't need to "worry" about the graphics, and to read the previews released yesterday made on the PS4 version, since they're very positive.

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ddgaming8201659d ago

"They’re at No Risk at All"

Yep, sure. k

Xsilver1659d ago

Guys, Ubisoft told me i shouldn't trust my eyes

NewMonday1659d ago

so Ubisoft wants us to swallow whatever the paid off media say and ignore our own judgment?!


raWfodog1659d ago

Horrible thought. What if The Division turns out the same way??

Destrania1659d ago

Considering 'The Division' is solely on next-gen platforms, I don't see what's happened to 'Watch Dogs' will be happening for it as well. Never know though...

ThanatosDMC1659d ago

I hope Ubisoft is not doing parity crap because of the Bone.

DigitalAnalog1658d ago


Next-gen platforms or not, the fact that they can mislead consumers one way doesn't mean they can be appeased for another.

Giul_Xainx1658d ago

All I can say is that Ubisoft has just pulled the biggest NO NO in the history of video game making.

YAY! FRESH ROADKILL! How many youtube videos have been made over this new "issue?" (7.....)

Bimkoblerutso1658d ago

"Don't worry about the graphics"

Why do I get the feeling that we're not going to be seeing a whole lot more gameplay videos released officially by Ubisoft before the game comes out in May?

...and then big corporate sites like IGN and Gamespot telling us that "everything is OK!"

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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1659d ago

thats what i said, if the graphics sucked ass and were a big difference, journalist would have mentioned it in the previews ;) the game is fine..

these ppl have been working on it for a couple years hope they have a great launch. I'm sure its hard being a developer

OrangePowerz1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

With a game hyped that much and being of such a big scale I'm not sure how critical the media would be.

Just look at all the 10/10 GTA 4 got that was pretty much the worst GTA made.

CaptainPunch1659d ago

The worst GTA? According to who?

jcole971659d ago

How so? I thought it was pretty good..

-Foxtrot1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

Oh come on guys GTAIV wasn't as good as GTA Vice City or San Andreas.

Boring main character
Lifeless, dull city
No colour
Depressing story
That bloody phone
Not much to do

The fun had basically been sucked out of it.

GTAV is what we should of gotten with GTAIV

We were all blinded by hype

OrangePowerz1659d ago

GTA 4 the one with Nico not last years GTA 5. GTA 5 is cool :)

GTA 4 was depression and less fun.compared to any other GTA. When I get a GTA game I get it for what GTA stands for and that is crazy fun with lots of satire, a game that doesn't take itself to serious. GTA 4 with them trying to make it dark and gritty didn't meet the standards in these areas. As a GTA game it wasn't great and not on par with the other games in the series and doesn't contain what made the other games so great.

LackTrue4K1658d ago

With just Niko's cousin calling my phone, gave it an automatic low score! Haha

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heisenberguk1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

Don't you find it strange that non of the preview articles praised how the game looks and runs? Whenever a new gta game has been previewed behind closed doors they've mentioned how it looked and ran but not with this! Why leave out the things that they know people are going to want to know 1st?

starchild1659d ago

Uh are you crazy? Lots of the previews talked about how good the game looks.

rdgneoz31659d ago

@starchild And previous videos of the game made it look alive...

There are like 7 people total in that picture. It's a ghost town and that looks good? The PS4 walk through in the fall made a lot more people wondering around. MP will be a pain if you're suppose to blend in with all "7" people around you as you hunt your target...

abstractel1659d ago

You trust people's opinions above your own eyes?

MysticStrummer1659d ago

"if the graphics sucked ass and were a big difference, journalist would have mentioned it in the previews"

Not necessarily true at all. I don't know how many games got glowing previews last gen, only to get mediocre or bad reviews from the same people once the game released.

Skate-AK1658d ago

Battlefield 4's launch problems come to mind.

FriedGoat1658d ago

You know they are given access to previews on Ubisofts terms right? If Ubi don't want them to mention something, they cant.

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NYC_Gamer1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

He dodged around the question in reality and didn't touch on the whole downgrade aspect..

KevinCubes1659d ago

Side stepping a great defensive tool indeed

Hugodastrevas1659d ago

He's probably hoping everyone forgets about that and buy the game anyway!

Kayant1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

Looool I love how they are like "go read what the press are saying about the PS4 version", "Game is in debug,Q/A atm".

So how about showing us new gameplay footage if you're so confident.

Activemessiah1659d ago

DowngradeDogs by PoopieSoft