Sony on God of War Dev Layoffs: ‘Sometimes A Project Needs A Reboot’

Last week, we revealed that there were layoffs at Sony Santa Monica, the PlayStation-exclusive studio that’s best known for its God of War franchise. Sony corroborated what our sources told us, confirming the reduction in staff.

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Abash1451d ago

Hopefully the new IP was just re-imagined and not fully cancelled, it was in development for too long as it is to just scrap it

-Foxtrot1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

That's what probably has happened.

Maybe those rumours about it being similar to Destiny was right. I mean Sony and Bungie has this little relationship now especially when it comes to Destiny...why would you allow a game to come out which looked similar to it. Comparisons would be made, articles would come up, sales might not be as good because people got Destiny instead.

Sony probably thinks they would loose sales to it if they realised their Sci-fi game aswell. Destiny is a 10 year thing so it's going to be well supported, it's always going to be around.

I think at the end of the day they are just trying to change the game up.

Joe9131451d ago

IDK I would think if Sony was going to cancel a game for Bungie then Bungie would give full exclusivity to Sony since Sony would be losing so much money since the game has been in production for almost 4 years. That is a lot of money to throw away and a lot of talent to be just getting exclusive DLC but it is a interesting theory though.

-Foxtrot1451d ago

Yeah but I'm not saying they did it FOR Bungie, I'm just saying they probably thought to themselves how they've put so much in their relationship with Bungie and Destiny that there is no point in funding a game like it.

NewMonday1451d ago

the game design for GOW is stuck in the PS2 era, on the PS3 the difference was just better graphics

so a probable reason for the layoffs at SSM was that the developers lacked the vision to take the game design forward.

1451d ago
chrissx1451d ago

Guess this means the new IP is still in the works,just rebooted. Hopefully

slinky1234561451d ago

I don't see the problem people were having with the canceled project. I can understand the layoffs, but a canceled project shouldn't be a problem to the gamers. Sony invests lots into their studio, if a project doesn't live up to their expectations then of course they should scrap it. No one would continue to put money into something they don't see is fit to make more money. Losing more money off of it than what's already in it would have been 10x worse. For Sony, the gamers and especially the employees.

TheRealHeisenberg1451d ago

Change is not always good but I hope this means good things for the future of GoW, still one of my favorite PS franchises. There was something holding me back from buying Ascension; maybe it was my dislike for prequels. Anyway, reboot and bring us great things.

Joe9131451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

I said this before but a long time ago Naughty Dog visited NASA I hope they were in talks with Sony to take this project over if it went south and now that it did go south I hope Naughty Dog get to make this game.

IMO I think if they continue with GOW the create a new person either go with Kratos brother like they been hinting at or move on to another mythology I think Viking or Egyptian mythology would be kool.

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The story is too old to be commented.