Retro Studios Still Has The Magic – But For What?

Retro Studios has as much creativity as they've always had, which they should be using it for new gaming forms instead of embellishing classic game designs.

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Menashe1623d ago

Definitely agree with this. Tons of creativity and talent, being put to use in mediocre fashion.

1623d ago
CouldHaveYelledUiiW1623d ago

Oops, I agreed too soon.

DKC are great game 9-10. A Great Platformer is not easy to make.

The only problem I have is that WiiU has a ton of those games.
-Since they don't have good 3rd Party support they have to bring the balance themselves.

I really wish (like others) that they would double the size of Retro - that way they can work on 2 games.

Neonridr1623d ago

Pretty sure it was Retro's idea to do Tropical Freeze. And the acclaim speaks for itself. Means they are doing something right at that studio. You can bet your a$$ their next game will be something other than DK.

juegosmajicos1623d ago

I'm sure it was, but the doubts were certainly there for a time among gamers. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze does speak for itself, as its quality is immense; but it's like congratulating an internationally acclaimed master chef for making a great burger. Lots of chefs can make a great burger. I wish this internationally acclaimed master chef had made something that no one else can make.

deafdani1623d ago

Your analogy is absurd. Not everyone would have been able to make a Donkey Kong platforming game - 2D as it may be - as well as Retro Studios did with DK Returns, let alone Tropical Freeze, which blows the previous one out of the water.

Nope. Tropical Freeze is one of the best modern 2D platformers out there, and that is no small feat, considering the absurd array of superb 2D platformers in the market.

Yes, I would LOVE to see Retro Studios making an even more ambitious game, hopefully in a fully open 3D world game - Metroid or otherwise -, and I'm pretty sure they can, but I'm still very happy with Donkey Kong.


juegosmajicos1623d ago

@deafdani: regardless of my analogy not being terribly accurate, you seemed to have gotten my point anyway. Yes, Retro makes the best 2D platforming game that has possibly ever been made. But is this a worthy tradeoff for not making a completely unique and mindblowing game like they did before with the first Metroid Prime? Some think it is a worthy tradeoff, but I personally didn't, and I don't doubt many others agree.

deafdani1623d ago

For this to be a trade-off like you suggest, Retro needs to not make absolutely any other game for the Wii U whatsoever.

What makes you so sure that they won't work on another, bigger project?

I'll try to get into a middle ground here: if Retro Studios don't make anything else on the Wii U, then I will agree with you, and I will think that only making Donkey Kong would be a waste of talent, when they can do so much more.

However, if Tropical Freeze was only their first venture with the Wii U hardware (and an awesome one, at that), and they end up doing more awesome games... then all will be good, at least for me.


juegosmajicos1623d ago

@deafdani Fair enough. I am excited for whatever they make next, at this point they've learned so much that it's bound to be good. The more ambitious it is, the better, too.

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bobacdigital1623d ago

The decided to make a game that previously generated the studio some revenue .. The played it safe so they could learn the tech and then turn that easy money into another IP or existing Nintendo franchise ...

What they did with donkey kong gave them so more experience with something different other than Metroid.. Im sure whatever they are working on now is going to be great.

XXXL1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

I really enjoyed Tropical Freeze can't wait to see what's next from them

stragomccloud1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

New ip doesn't automatically mean creative. Just because companies like Sony and Microsoft can't keep an old franchise refreshing and creative for 20 plus years, doesn't mean that others can't. "Gamers" are so shallow these days.

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