Two Tribes New Wii U Game to Feature Multiplayer

On Wednesday Two Tribes teased a new Wii U eShop game they are working on, and today they decided to share a little more. While there have yet to be any specifics or hints about what this game could be they have revealed that the game will indeed feature multiplayer, with one player using the Gamepad, and the other using the TV with a Wii Remote.

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Reeze1535d ago

Very interesting... I own every Two Tribes Wii U game, and I have to say that they're all a lot of fun. Keep it up, TT!

Sly-Lupin1535d ago

With the words "multiplayer" and "tribes" I was expecting something... else.

MNGamer-N1534d ago

I thought these guys broke the company up? Am I not remembering correctly?