Titanfall is killing it on social media

GameZone: "If social media reaction to a game is any indication of its future reception will be like, then Titanfall is going to be huge. Anyone with access to the internet has probably, at one point or another, been exposed to the hype that is Titanfall. But just how excited are people for the biggest Xbox One game yet?"

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admiralvic1658d ago

"If social media reaction to a game is any indication of its future reception will be like, then Titanfall is going to be huge."

Its not. Just means people are talking about it, which doesn't always translate into sales.

Neonridr1658d ago

talk generates buzz, buzz spreads, more ears mean more people are aware of its existence. No, it doesn't always translate into sales, but for a game like Titanfall, this word of mouth will definitely help.

admiralvic1658d ago

Sigh~ I don't want to get roped into a straw man argument and lately it seems like every comment is either trying to do that or call me out.

All I am saying is that it doesn't always translate into sales, which you agree with. I am not saying it's a good thing (or a bad thing), nor am I doubting the power of buzz, I am simply saying that this is not an indicator of anything besides people are talking about it.

Neonridr1658d ago

It's gotten us talking about it.. :P

I do agree though. Words are just that.

4Sh0w1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

admiralvic, Why do you seem upset with neonridr's comment? I don't see where he called you out, he just gave a common sense response to post on why he thinks it will be huge contrary to what you think= Of course there are never any garuantees where sales are concerned, but the author NEVER said social media "always" leads to huge sales anyway. What the other is speaking in general is that historicly, trends show when "products" (cell phone, new song, new movie, etc) are talked about positively often in popular social media, they tend to have an high demand or increased sales over similar products that are not being talked about= "Titanfall is going to be huge."

You said "It's not"

Well I say "huge" is a relative term, as far as sales go, but the preorders only at least point in that direction but I'd say if Titanfall sells even close to 2mil copies in its first month on X1 alone, (I think that might be somewhere close to half the install base) then I would say that's huge. Which is why I disagree with you.

ZodTheRipper1657d ago

Now the question is, are these real people or did MS&EA dust off their twitter bots again?

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MorePowerOfGreen1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

I agree everybody talking about it with unmatched excitement and anticipation means it's going to flop. It might do average/ok :p--

GarrusVakarian1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Straw man argument ftw!

Not once did he say or hint that the game was going to flop. Take your rage blinders off and read his comment again.

Pandamobile1658d ago

I think you're underestimating how big Titan Fall is going to be. One of my roommates is built his first gaming rig specifically for Titan Fall. I know it'll prompt a few of my other friends to get Xbox Ones as well.

ALLWRONG1658d ago

Titanfall N4G 116910°

Infamous N4G 41450°

And this is a pro Sony site

AceBlazer131657d ago

You really wanna judge quality by N4G standards?

PlayStation has 3 exclusives in the top 10 Xbox has 1. Doesn't look good for Xbox by your logic.

Flappy Bird is number 10. Mobiles must be taking over gaming.

The heat level just shows whats being talked about more.
This site only comes off as pro sony cause the Xbox fans have gone in to hiding, a few will appear because of Titanfall but then receed again in a few months.

classic191657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

lol infamous has about 1 hundred thousand more pre orders then TF on all 3 platforms meaning X1 X360 and pc combined. TF has around 5 hundred thousand pre orders combined, infamous ss around 6 hundred thousand. lol they win the buzz but not what matters:(. facts as of about 3 days ago. but to contradict myself TF will sell around 2 million copies infamous ss around 1 million in there respective first months.

feraldrgn1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

Come on now, if this was a pro Sony site those numbers would be switched. Think.
There are Nintendo, Sony & Microsoft fans here, don't label sites when other companies aren't doing as well in the public eye.

HaveAsandwich1657d ago

many of the tweets are something like, "why isnt this on the ps4." lol

spicelicka1657d ago

Well to be fair then it doesn't say anything about sales, the word isn't even in the article. The quote you gave says 'future reception' and that it's going to be 'huge'. Doesn't claim anywhere that sales will be huge.

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Whiskeyjacked871657d ago

I seriously know 4 friends who are getting this and only 2 of them own an Xbox one. Just saying.

brich2331657d ago

I know about 10 people on my friends list getting it on x1. 5 that I play with every day.

Tempest3171657d ago

Damn I wish I had 1 friend I could play with every day :(

WeAreLegion1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

All my friends are buying it. None of them own an Xbox One. It's going to be big.

Kakashi Hatake1657d ago

Ridiculous! Never knew desperate marketing could build so much hype. It really is possible to market a turd and get people excited if you have the marketing budget.

Bigpappy1657d ago

A turd, seriously? It had more hype that Infamous before the marketing started. So what would that make that game?

No_Limit1657d ago

LOL, even N4G recognized that this game is the hype machine off the will be HUGE. Desperate??...I think not...even the 3 most hyped PS4 games incoming combined doesn't equal the hotness that is Titanfall.

1.TitanFall 117760°

2.inFamous: Second Son 41930°

3.The Order: 1886 37440°

4.Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Z 30970°

Hicken1657d ago

You DO realize a large part of that has to do with Titanfall's controversies, right? Alpha and beta concerns, resolution uncertainties, complaints about 6v6 and there being 30-odd bots in a match, being upset with MS and EA for going behind Respawn's back.

It's not as if all the heat on the game translates into positive buzz; in fact, in the case of Titanfall, it seems very little of it is because of good news.

I understand that Xbox fans feel they need to defend this game, but your arguments are gonna fall flat if you try to gloss over things like this.

Debaitable1657d ago

Battlefield 4 isn't my cup of tea. So I'm quite excited to have a new FPS option to rotate with.

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