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The Watch Dogs graphics downgrade isn't the real problem

There's a much larger problem than the apparently Watch Dogs graphics downgrade. (PC, PS3, PS4, Watch Dogs, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Angels3785  +   543d ago
That and the fact that it was delayed to (so far) be an inferior looking game.......
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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   543d ago
i will wait until the next trailer to judge the game. i don't think its fair to judge on one mistake.
bc that was a crappy trailer
raWfodog  +   543d ago
I'll wait until the final product is out and reviewed before I judge the game. I know it looks like a downgrade but nothing really drives it home like a final, completed game.

But its still good to discuss it.

Edit: grammer
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whitefang1988  +   543d ago
Completely agree, the gifs going around (especially the bridge one) from every source have said it just doesn't look like that when playing on ps4. I've been shown some footage and it looked fairly good to me, not as good as the bullshot but good
rdgneoz3  +   543d ago
"I'll wait until the final product is out and reviewed before I judge the game"

I'd rather not preorder a game based off of hope that it'll be good when it releases, when the latest trailer shows it looking like a serious downgrade overall.

You can say the E3 demo was on a 4 grand computer, but the PS4 demo still looked a hell of a lot better than the new video.
PONTIAC08G8GT  +   543d ago
As long as the gameplay is tight and the graphics are good, I'll be happy. Wouldn't you want the game to be fun and play well? Yes, graphics do matter but as long as they are good I'm happy with that.
raWfodog  +   543d ago
@ rdgneoz3

I should have clarified my statement better. What I meant was wait until the final game is out before you decide whether to pick it up. Once it is already out and you can see the final product for yourself then you're much better informed when it comes to making judgments and decisions.

I never buy games when they first come out and I've never preordered and I'm always happy with my game purchases.
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logan_izer10  +   543d ago
Problem is, this isn't the first time this happened. Remember the Aisha Taylor trailer when they freaked out and claimed it was never supposed to be shown after fans freaked out?
Dee_91  +   542d ago
to be honest.If the game looked like it did now at e3 2012, or even just a little better, I wouldn't have a problem.But that downgrade is just too massive to ignore.The awesome graphics was one of the most appealing things about the game, and to see it downgrade this much sucks.Not just that gif, but the other pictures showing the gameplay elements, like how dead the city looks now. I have no doubt the game will still be fun though
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joab777  +   543d ago
What happened between last August and the delay....GTA happened....on last gen consoles. I think that that...along with their annual release of Assassins Creed had them wondering if releasing it in its current state was a good idea. They wanted to make the city better. But were they unable to do so without compromise?

I am still quite confident in Ubisoft abilities. They have brought us AC4 and Far Cry 3 recently. My bigger worry is the scope of The Division. And does anyone think that maybe it the xbox one holds developers back a bit on next gen? Its just a thought.
zugdar  +   543d ago
Gameplay > Graphics
DarkLord1003  +   543d ago
deleted my comment cause i should have read the article first - Sorry guys...
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Skate-AK  +   543d ago
Apology accepted.
SG1_dapunisherX  +   543d ago
what happen to 2012 graphic lol
Activemessiah  +   543d ago
2014 graphics arrived... and it looks like Dogshit :D
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prettyboy12  +   543d ago
infamous second son wants a word with you sir!!
linkenski  +   543d ago
Laughed way more than I should have x)
AndrewLB  +   543d ago
2012 was CGI.
KevinCubes  +   543d ago
Wii U version will look like 2012 cgi
CrossingEden  +   543d ago
2012 was running on a high end pc.
madworldps4  +   543d ago
I think Watch Dogs has some high Reduced of the level of graphics and this is very obvious so I will cancel my pre order and wait
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bobacdigital  +   543d ago
True it never discussed what platform the new footage was from.. But if you are going to show your new flagship IP you would think you wouldnt relaunch it with the X360 or PS3 version.

Also with the amount of negative press it is getting they should just do a gameplay walk through of previously shown footage ... Go to IGN or Poloygon and play through the PS4 version.. By not doing that they are letting everyone formulate their own theories...

Of course they cant say the new footage is from 360 / ps3 version because it might tank the appeal of it ... but they need to be proactive and just do a gameplay walk through of the ps4 version to help pacify some of the fans.
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PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   543d ago
That was the PS4 version why can't people get it in their heads. Ubusoft rarely shows off Xbox version of their games. Usually its PC or PlayStation. And Gamespot has a new gameplay video up on YouTube being played on the PS4 and it looks terrible.

OT-Uhh don't really want this game day 1 anymore. May just wait. And it was one of my top 5 most anticipated games for 2014. Sorry Watch Dogs your spot has been replaced by Batman Arkham Knight. I just don't understand how a game can be delayed this long and look like shit.
bobacdigital  +   543d ago
You think the game looks like complete shit? I personally think it looks much better than GTA 5. .. The story / premise of the game is what interests me the most.. Just because the game doesn't look really good doesnt mean it will be a bad game? The gameplay of it might be better than Infamous even tho Infamous right now looks like the technically superior game.

I wasnt going to buy this game on the PS4 so I may not suffer from the same graphical issues we are seeing on the console releases.
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rdgneoz3  +   543d ago
"I personally think it looks much better than GTA 5"

GTA 5 is a current gen game, it's not next gen (yet)... Saying a next gen game looks better than a current gen game should be normal. The previous videos are what got me interested in the game. Hell, the PS4 gameplay videos looked a lot better than this current video and made the city look alive.
Tempest317  +   543d ago
Im all about graphics too, but to not purchase this game because it doesnt look as good as the original announcement? Seems a ittle petty to me. Especially after all the positive previews for the game.
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Baka-akaB  +   543d ago
"Saying a next gen game looks better than a current gen game should be normal."

Seems to me it alway looked current gen , aside from a few obvious early pc footage , as it is still a ps3/360 project as well ... just like AC4 . And just like AC4 i only expected a better looking product on ps4/xb1 wich is still happening .
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AndrewLB  +   543d ago
It was NOT the PS4 version! It was pre-rendered CGI made on a high end PC. The same goes for the 2012 E3 trailer. http://www.webpronews.com/w...
tylercolp  +   543d ago
It does seem like a tricky PR problem.
whitefang1988  +   543d ago
It is ps4 in the trailer, and the negative press is mainly from us the public, from seeing the trailer, however the press who played it said it looked great. They did show a walkthrough if you remember in fall 2013 which lood good, I'm sure they will do it again before launch. Fingers crossed it lives up to peoples expectations :-)
rdgneoz3  +   543d ago
The fall 2013 gameplay video on the PS4 looked a lot better and the city felt more alive. All the little touches that made it look next gen are gone.
AndrewLB  +   543d ago
Bull$hit. If you don't know what you're talking about, stop repeating lies.

It was pre-rendered CGI made on a high end PC.

lonewolfjedi  +   543d ago
it been confirm its the ps4 version
1nsomniac  +   543d ago
In an industry that is built upon pre-sales & first week sales - Including "Pre-order Bonus Content" & "Day 1 Edition".

These statements are indicative of false advertising as once you have bought them & opened them. You can't then send it back for a refund claiming its not the same game we were shown!

It doesn't work you simply cannot have it both ways, no other industry/products allow that sort of marketing & sales policy so why should they get away with t?
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BattleTorn  +   543d ago
"could have been that the game needed to include more or different gameplay systems which could have forced the game’s graphical fidelity to be reduced."

soo, during they delay they added so much stuff that the graphics had to be reduce????

cute theory.
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sungam3d  +   543d ago
At first I thought I was watching footage from NFS Underground on the PS2...
1nsomniac  +   543d ago
HAHA unbelievable, tonight's Ubisoft Watch_Dogs Q&A live Twitch stream didn't go to plan & they ignored questions about the graphical downgrade & were bombarded with angry customers asking questions so have now removed the video entirely.

That should settle it to everyone. Cancel your pre-orders!
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PygmelionHunter  +   543d ago
Riiiiight... Drop down from that cloud if you think gamers who have been hyped to play this since 2012 are suddenly going to cancel their pre-orders because of this.
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1nsomniac  +   543d ago
Why not? I have & I won't be the only one. Your just weak.
PygmelionHunter  +   543d ago
Weak for not being a graphic wh*re? Umm... Alright! Guess I'm weak.
The_devils_chum  +   543d ago
You guys have been lied to and they polished the xb1 version and we all had to wait. The xb1 version was suposed to be 720p and now its 960p and now the graphics look terrible, wonder why? coding for the lowest common denominator. Heres the proof

Related video
bobacdigital  +   543d ago
Altho I dont doubt that the delay may have been because they wanted to polish the game up more.. I highly doubt it was specifically because they needed to raise the resolution of the xbone version... Msft has been fine with their console putting out games at 720p...

Im sure across the board they had to fix a few things because they werent on schedule... Hell the Wii U version is still in "development" lol ..
gamer2013  +   542d ago
Same crap from you all the time.
PAYNEinc85  +   543d ago
No telling what kind of PCs they used to develop that first trailer on.
CharlesSwann  +   543d ago
That was a tech demo, not a game, most likely developed by a different group entirely. The attention to detail is on a level they never intended to match in an actual game.
heisenberguk  +   543d ago
It's not that it doesn't match the e3 reveal(that's asking a bit too much from consoles), it's that it looks worse than the PS4 gameplay footage from a few months ago and that's AFTER the delay to 'polish' the game up!
knightmare8675  +   543d ago
I'm still buying it
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Humanbean74  +   543d ago
If people didn't have speculation there would be nothing to talk about so just wait until the game releases!...I can most likely guarantee you all these comments will have done a 360 to praising the game!
heisenberguk  +   543d ago
I'm keeping my amazon pre order...FOR NOW!!!
J@D  +   543d ago
I know im seriously planning to cancel it mine after than trailer. seriously, this is beyond my comprehension.
shotime97  +   543d ago
if I sold u a car and that car was a new mustang then you came back to get it the next day and the mustang was gone and there was a focus in it's place how would that make you feel? well that's what ubisoft is doing to the ppl that got all hyped up over the e3 footage of watch dogs! It look's like a gta spin off to me. sorry ubisoft iam sick of all the lies lately you lost a customer here!
dragonyght  +   542d ago
I think your analogy us kinda off. Its more you watched the annual car show they show a new mustang concept. Know you'd get that car you pre-odrer than months later they show they mass production version the cheaper and less feature model.
HumanatPlay  +   543d ago
Listen so what if the game was previewed on high spec PC..I would have started building a rig for this game if they didn't demo the game with a PS4/Xbox one controller in hand! Where was the mouse and keyboard during E3 presentation? Don't be ignorant guys this company tried to pull a fast one on us again. The problem here isn't the graphics, its the fucking lies and they need to stop lying to us period to generate hype and pre-orders etc. Then we as consumers lie down every year and take their shit while they laugh their way to bank ready to do it again with another game. Lets wake the fuck up!
Slothnut  +   543d ago
I thought everyone was overreacting to the trailer until I saw it today. Omg the actual game play looked terrible even compared to the 360's GTA and I'm sure they used their best looking version for the trailer as well. Ugh just went limp on this one. Old bait and switch
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hkgamer  +   542d ago
more transparency in game development???

hahaha this guy is crazy.

fans are the craziest critics and not always 100% correct, therefore it is not always that good to have constant customer feedback when creating a game or any content.
Baka-akaB  +   542d ago
Yeah , there is customer feedback , and then there is having a constant source of trouble .

Even if i strongly disliked and still dislike DMC , as an ex , if mid development , they started listened to every feedback , including my own , and incorporating it , the end product would probably be worse , some patchwork of stuff that just doesnt mesh and work together .

Fighting games too would be a total mess , as even in seemingly fine tuned and balanced titles , ther ewill always be people feeling their characters are wronged , underpowered or overpowered .

Public feedback got its limits , big time . At some point it needs to stop at perceiving weither or not the game is made for your taste , and then react accordingly
SlapHappyJesus  +   542d ago
Glad my hype for this game was never really there. When a game is delayed for months and, even now, it doesn't seem the content is hitting the mark they were originally presenting, that can really spell trouble.
Then again, Thief was in the same situation what with being in development for a very long time and then, close to release, the stories of its rough development came out.
While it certainly had its issues, I thought the game was solid. Hopefully it's the same here to. This is a big one for a lot of people, even if not for me.
johnramus  +   542d ago
I've been put off that much after seeing the new trailer that i had to cancel the pre order. They delayed to polish it, and it looks worse. Did they really think we would not notice the differences?

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