Why Nintendo’s Wii U GamePad Is A Disaster

Jacob Steiner, GIZORAMA - "The Wii U is a pretty good console. It has video games, graphics and a controller. Honestly, though, I think that the controller needs an upgrade. It just doesn't work! And, that, people, is just disgusting. Oh, it's so disgusting. Yuck! Here's why Nintendo's Wii U GamePad is a disaster.

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Neonridr1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

Wow, this piece is just garbage. At first I thought the author was trying to be serious as to why the gamepad sucks, but about halfway through I couldn't understand if the author was still being serious or was trying to be satirical.

Gamepad works fine, developers just don't push its uses enough. And the screen doesn't need multi-touch because it has physical buttons. I own a Vita too, and I don't see any benefits of having multi-touch on that thing. In fact, I don't even know of any games that support it.

For games that use it well, please see ZombiU, Nintendo Land, Rayman Legends, Lego City Undercover, etc.

BoneBone1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

Yeah, obviously it's satire - not the best I've read but still mildly funny.

Satire in gaming just doesn't usually fly though. There are too many articles not too far away from this one, posted daily here... and they're actually serious! So it is difficult to spot the difference.

There're a lot of geeks and weirdos on gaming sites who use sarcasm as their main channel of communication too, and this sort of stuff just goes right over their heads and leaves them sucking on inhalers having an anxiety induced asthma attack.

deafdani1661d ago

Neonridr, come on, man. The satire is obvious and clear as day here. XD

I actually chuckled.

Rustynail1659d ago

It is a disaster, and nobody will support it anymore, when they realize how hard it is to develop games for, it was the same with old Wii.

-Foxtrot1661d ago

I always felt like they should of had two bundles, one with the game pad and one with a controller....a better one instead of the pro controller. It reminds me of the Xbox 360 one too much, it's why I'd rather have a Gamecube style one.

SpiralTear1661d ago

I do kind of like the design of that "Gamecube Pro" controller. Add a couple more shoulder buttons on the top and it's golden in my book.

-Foxtrot1661d ago

The guy who made it the design said a while ago that it did have shoulder buttons like what we have now L1/L2 R1/R2 etc.

It's fantastic in my opinion and if they made something like that and put it in a less expensive bundle then more people would most likely buy one.

I suppose they could always just revamp the pro controller, change the design and start selling them instead. They could do it for when Smash Bros comes out and sell it in a bundle with the game like they did with the gold Wii Mote with Skyward Sword.

Activemessiah1661d ago

The initial concept and idea of the gamepad is great but neither Nintendo or the other publishers are fully taking advantage of the gamepad... it almost sounds like extra work but it's fantastic with games like Deus Ex and games that requires you to be to always checking on maps or inventories etc... also off screen TV play is a welcome thing in my opinion, I remember the days when my parents kicked me off the game because their program was coming on... WHERE WERE YOU BACK THEN FOR ME NINTENDO!??

Geekman1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

I'm not even gonna insult the author this time. He HAS to be joking with his reasons. I'm still laughing.

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The story is too old to be commented.