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"You probably want to hear about the jokes, references, and humor in South Park: The Stick of Truth. Surprisingly, however, it’s a game that demands to be taken seriously, despite being hilarious, and it’s much more complex than its crudely nuanced aesthetic lets on."

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FiLTHY ESKiMO1719d ago

... got it for uPlay. uPlay keeps crashing so I cannot play this game. :(

majiebeast1718d ago (Edited 1718d ago )

Just use a crack screw uplay. You bought the game legit so you should be able to play it without problems.

3-4-51718d ago

Episode of South Park lasts roughly 22-23 minutes + commercials.

* This game lasts a lot longer than that = Win.

ACESupERIC1718d ago

I wanted this game so bad. When I found out it was turn-based I was heartbroken. Finally a south park game that'll do the series justice and I wont get to play it. Not knocking it or people who like turn-based rpgs. I just cant stand turn-based rpgs. Action/rpg is probably my favorite genre. Taking turns wacking each other til somebody dies isnt exciting for me. Congrats to you turn-based fans. Screw you guys, im goin home

The Meerkat1718d ago

Give it a try. I normally find JRPGs to be tedious, filled with sexually ambiguous heroes and with a story that could have been written by 100 chimps.

But South Park just works. Thinks of it more as an interactive episode of the show rather than a game.

Clover9041718d ago

I never play turn-based RPGs. Gave up with beloved Final Fantasy 7 back in the day, gave Final Fantasy 13 a shot last gen but quit that one as well, and tried the Vita game king Persona 4 Golden to no avail. I cannot get into he genre, but I absolutely loved South Park. The turn based gameplay is very active, so it keeps the player involved in the combat, both attacking and defending. And the game is very casual, so a rpg noob like myself doesn't have to worry about micromanaging my armor, weapons and items. If you're a fan of the show you should definitely reconsider the game. Just beat the story this morning and had a blast the entire time. And if you think South Park gets away with a lot on tv, you haven't seen anything. I have no idea how this game isn't rated Adult Only :-)

ACESupERIC1718d ago

I would love to be able to play it but when it comes to turn-based I get turnedoff. Never could enjoy a turn-based rpg. As much as I love south park, I cant spend the money on something I know I wont finish. Ive tried many turn-based rpgs and always hated it. I just dont understand the appeal of taking turns in a fight. I need action.

FragMnTagM1718d ago

I have never finished a turn based RPG, but this game gets a pass from me.

This is coming from someone who would rather not game if I had to play turn based RPG's.

It is so well done that I can play it this time around. They put the South Park twist on the moves that you can do while in combat.

I would say give it a try.

Bhuahahaha1718d ago (Edited 1718d ago )

i want it too
but instead i bought tales of symphonia chronicles and 13-3

and theres escha and logy in line
darn i need more free time