Please Do Not Fund the New Shaq-Fu Game

Pixel Critique writes: I know that the entire concept of someone continuing the proud Shaq-Fu line is an entertaining notion, but there comes a time when you must be able to separate what’s entertaining as a concept or idea, and what’s entertaining enough to throw your money at to actually make happen.

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SilverTuna1627d ago

"$1,000 for Shaq to follow you on Twitter"

I take a small comfort in knowing no one has done that...yet.

staticdash221627d ago

Shaq is awesome, but the game, eh not so much lol

Chapter111626d ago

A millionaire asking other people to fund the sequel to one of the worst games of all time.

This is why we can't have nice things.

Skate-AK1626d ago

It's funny cause he has made more than $191 million playing basketball. They are asking for less than half a mil. He should fund it.

bohemian 231626d ago

Will Shaq be fat and have man boobs, like in real life? I like how they make him look all muscular still lol.

mogwaii1626d ago

What is wrong with americans?! To think this millionaire wants people to pay so he can make another shitty game and this time he is so irrelevant culturally its not funny. The actual HIDE of him. Idiot!


He host the games on TNT he's still pretty (pop) culturally relevant...

Hicken1626d ago

Wow, calm down, there. He's actually still pretty culturally relevant.

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