Four Cancelled Video Games We Still Want Released

Raymond Porreca of Entertainment Buddha writes: "Below are five of the best looking video games ever to be cancelled. Between studio closings and budgetary cutbacks, these titles were cut down before the could ever be developed fully, leaving those who read about them or watched early gameplay trailers to forever think of what could have been."

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Geobros1623d ago

Its a pity that Chrono canceled...

MrSwankSinatra1623d ago

One of the worst moves by square, what the should have done is brought that team in officially and have them continue to make chrono Resurrection.

SolidGear31623d ago

Faith and a .45
Redwood Falls

Juiceid1623d ago

Completely agree with this article. For once.

ANIALATOR1361623d ago

The Getaway 3
that mods and rockers game rockstar were making
Dirty Harry

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The story is too old to be commented.