The History of MMA in Gaming and the Expectations of EA Sports UFC

Hardcore Gamer - When it was announced that EA acquired the UFC license from THQ in an effort by the latter company to get some quick cash and, hopefully survive, it led to many questions. Would Yuke’s be retained as developer? With EA having their own MMA game, would they just re-assign the developers of that to the UFC game? In time, all of those questions were answered. The EA Sports MMA engine wouldn’t be used, and Yuke’s wouldn’t be part of EA’s vision for the game. While that meant that their fantastic MMA engine would go to waste (and surprisingly hasn’t been licensed for use in a new Bellator game), it also marked the beginning of a new era in MMA gaming.

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ChaosKnight1660d ago

Fantastic article. I'm really stoked for EA Sports UFC. Can't wait to play as Rousey.

SteamPowered1660d ago

A Button=Armbar
B Button=Armbar
X Button=Armbar
Y Button=Armbar

BX811660d ago

I can't wait for this game as well. Ronda and BJ Penn all day for me!

n4rc1660d ago

The undisputed series was amazing in some ways and a horrible mess in others..

Im hopeful this team does it justice.

LOGICWINS1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

I hope theres a story mode in this. The one in FNC was fantastic except for that frustrating final boss. Im putting a ton of faith in EA with this one. The game is supposedly coming out soon yet we havent seen a full gameplay demo. I'll chalk it up to EA wanting everything to be as perfect as possible. The devs themselves learned MMA for this project. Its clear that they are extremely passionate about the sport.

Im glad this isnt being rushed. FNC had a few bugs that needed working out.

n4rc1660d ago

The Dev team seems like real fight fans..

And its what everyone always wanted.. Ea sports and the ufc.. Dana did the ultimate 180 on his opinion Lol..

I'm fully expecting a great game and plan on downloading day one