Fireproof Games co-founder disses free-to-play as 'The Room 2' hits 1.2 million downloads

The Room 2 has been downloaded 1.2 million times since its debut in December 2013.

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jairusmonillas1504d ago

This co-founder is pretty excited over very low numbers. I rather have the game free with IAP. Atleast I don't get scammed if the game doesn't live on its hype.

KonsoruMasuta1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

That's still not impressive, even for a premium app. If you want to see impressive for a premium app, check out some of the numbers for big name developers like Square Enix, EA, or even Gameloft.

This guy is getting excited over nothing.

mixelon1503d ago

1.2mil is great if the team was small and there aren't many people to pay. :)

nummbers mean nothing without context.

ShowGun9011503d ago

umm... if you made something 1.2mil people payed to experience, you'd probably be happy too!

BTW freemium is a joke and IMO pathetic. they're just betting kids will pester their parents enough to get some IAP's paid for... look at the waits on some of these games... heck, on tiny tower once you get to floor 20 (reachable in a week, mind you) you have to wait over a day to build another. it grows exponentially after that. they're betting on peoples impatience and self-entitlement to sell IAP. its a disgusting business practice that SPECIFICALLY targets kids and teens. these stores NEED more games that have an up front price, because if you look at what they would charge you to actually have FUN with their "free" game, its usually in the $30-$50 range.

boo freemium! boooooo!

mantisimo1503d ago

While I agree with it being a disgusting practice, the model only really grew as the App Store bulged further and further making it impossible for some of the good but overlooked Dev's to get their work even looked at.

It's kind of where the model had to go especially with the big boys doing it for greed.

I hate it but it has helped many more small Dev's get their games noticed, the trouble is as you say it's aimed particularly at younger generations a Disney game linked to their latest movie is impossible to get past several levels without bought power ups or waiting a day for a free chance of choosing the right window and the prices were f*#%*ng preposterous ie $ 89 for one option!

Just to play a variation of the hundreds of free but not disney 3 in a row candy type games.

That is disgusting.

So it's a two edged sword I'd rather pay for a game straight out like we used to but then we certainly would have less choice.

Oh and don't people who advertise through apps, youtube etc realise how much they actually piss us off? I suppose some people must respond or they wouldn't do it, myself, I just close the website immediately, life's too short.

ShowGun9011503d ago

too true man! the only way you can stop these practices is never downloading it in the first place... when everybody started playing candy crush i looked at it on somebody elses device. that garbage isnt getting a tick on their download counter offa me! (not to mention kings legal BS... worse than ea? YES)