Xbox, keep trying: the partial redemption of Xbox One’s interface

In December, with Xbox One freshly released, we delivered our verdict on the interface. It was not an encouraging one. Rushed to market, woefully designed and lacking feature parity not only in relation to PS4 but the Xbox 360, it remains one of the most curious oversights of this new generation: it is possible to see how Microsoft convinced itself that always-online and a TV focus was the best approach for its console, but there are no spreadsheets in the world that would suggest that throwing away a category-leading multiplayer system is the key to success.

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PONTIAC08G8GT1623d ago

"still lacks an interface deserving the “next-gen” moniker. Achievements remain too well hidden, sign-in notifications are entirely absent, biographical detail and real names aren’t available, and there’s no external storage support."

I've never been a huge achievements person. 99.9% of the achievements I have I unlocked and didnt even know I did something to unlock one. The sign in notifications are coming in future updates. Biographical details, sorry but in the age of privacy and all sorts of things, I don't need my name or location viewable for random people. If I want people to know it, I'll tell them. External support is another thing coming down the pipeline.

I actually think the X1 UI is slick. Look at the evolution of the 360 UI. It will get better as time goes on.

Ace Killa 081623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

You forget the point. It is not included at the moment nor at launch. MS took 3 step backwards, the party chat recently got fixed and friend list, I could not even see how much storage I used until they patched that, lastly the notifications disappeared. The list of features added is not a stellar list as 360 has it and Ps4. Even Steam does a casual job. Getting better?? No its catching up and once it does then it can get better.

Now the whole article was a good opinion of the improvements it made since December to now and points out the flaws of the UI then and now.

I can't agree that they are doing a good job, they are improving to what the standard is compare to other consoles and systems. It not re-inventing the wheel it's changing my square shape wheel to the circular.

GearsOfWar1623d ago


They had to rethink a lot of stuff after E3 when they had to remove DRM due to backlash.

I think it was wrong to try and force DRM on us, but it does leave me thinking of what kind of features always on could have given us.

I'd wager they removed some core features while they were redesigned/restructured so they could still rush the console to market in time for the holidays.

Ace Killa 081623d ago

So true GearsOfWar. Bubble for you with that idea as I never thought of it like that.

It was a 180 and that changed their whole development plan and these small missing features may be the effect it had.

Tempest3171623d ago


I agree they had to rethink a lot of stuff, but do you really think the drm removal is the cause for the issues listed? Party chat, unable to check storage etc...these are things that MS had on lock for the 360, basic stuff that has absolutely 0 to do with drm. It was poor design, plain and simple. I agree the DRM removal was cause for a lot of changes, but the basic stuff weve had for a decade on last gen should not have been affected, and never should have been removed.

GearsOfWar1623d ago


If I had to guess, maybe storage management wasn't included because you didn't have to manage it due to cloud storage making your available space unlimited.

Obviously X1 still uses cloud storage, but maybe it was used for more than just syncing save profiles(to my knowledge that's all it does at the moment)?

Maybe some announcements at E3 may bring this back. Who knows?

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lolCHILLbro1623d ago

Just happy they are listening to feedback, Microsoft is at its best in software which is what all these problems are, they will be resolved and the UI of Xbox will continue to evolve, but it does make you think of how rushed was this box? lacking features so loved on 360, really weird

1623d ago
_LarZen_1623d ago

They are doing a damn fine job.

CharlesSwann1623d ago

welcome friend from parallel universe. How goes it with you and your backward kind?

GearsOfWar1623d ago

To be fair, they are addressing most UI complaints. They are doing a great job imo.

They have a good base, just need to polish and expand with more features.

CEOSteveBallmer1623d ago

Yep Xbox keep trying!!, and Xbox fans keep defending!! and Denying all the negative things about Xbox. Go Xbox defense force!!

Dewitt1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Keep pulling these random XB1 hate articles, I will keep enjoy what I feel is the only true next-gen console.

Also, I am a huge fan of the interface, being able to quickly snap any app or change to any app at any time is amazing and a huge time saver for me.

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