GTA IV Modded & Rendered At 2K Will Blow You Away, Looks Just As Good As Next-Gen Titles

DSOGaming writes: "What? You still don’t believe that SweetFX can significantly improve a game’s visuals? If so, go ahead and take a look at the following GTA IV screens that were rendered at 2K. And while vanilla GTA IV may look awful for today’s standards, GTA IV modded is easily one of the most impressive titles, rivaling even upcoming next-gen titles."

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Azmatik1320d ago

as impressive as this may look I can say I got GTA4 with all the mods like the ice mod or whatever that apparently makes it look amazing when all was said and done I launched the game and I wasn't impressed at all in motion it looks like crap still in pictures it looks good.

The_Infected1320d ago

It may look great but it's not like it's a new game it's just a prettier game.

NeoTribe1320d ago

Thank you, you took the words out of my mouth. This is why they NEVER show a real video of people screwing around in these graphical mods. Stand still photos look good but than once in motion is breaks apart and looks like trash.

Truthandreason1320d ago

Not really. Anyone is free to look at tons of Youtube videos featuring the game + mods and it still looks great.

With Ice Enchancer, HD textures, and a car mod package, it could easily be passed off as a next gen game and people would drool all over it. The only thing that is bad are pedestrians.

1320d ago
il-JumperMT1320d ago

Too bad it still plays like shit

sameold1320d ago

Looks better than watch dogs

SteamPowered1320d ago

Now I wanna see SweetFX on my Borderlands and Skyrim. I love modding up GTA IV. Right now I have batmobiles roaming the street and I am Superman. Its pretty sweet to see ol Supes in a blue batmobile.

Are_The_MaDNess1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

sweetfx is really limited in many ways over a good enb, enb presets use sweetfx at the same time sometimes.

this is aiming towards skyrim BTW :D

sourav931320d ago

SweetFX has always been available on Borderlands works with most DX9 games...

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