NGB | Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition Review

NGB Wrote: "For those that have PlayStation Plus the choice to grab this game or not has been made particularly easy, although the rest might have a harder choice to make. There’s nothing here that warrants replay if you’ve played the PlayStation 3 version, whilst there’s simply much better games on the store at the moment (namely Resogun and Outlast) – both of which feel far more at home on the new tech than Dead Nation: Apocalypse edition ever will.

Saying that, it does offer some solid and gleeful blasting action that does hold a decent amount of replayability through leaderboards and bundled DLC. So with that in mind, if you’re willing to approach the game without too many expectations and need a fresh reason to power up your new hardware, then Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition might just be the zombie romp you’re looking for."

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