Forget 'mainstream appeal' - PS Vita is a cult connoisseur's paradise

Dealspwn writes: "The Vita needs more games!"

"Our familiar rallying cry rings as true today as it did two years ago. Sony's handheld may be a sensational piece of hardware, a truly sexy little machine, but consoles live and die on the strength and quantity of their games. The PS Vita certainly isn't short on quality, offering some of the best handheld title we've ever played, yet the sporadic and spotty release slate has failed to secure the device any semblance of mainstream appeal or traditional success.

So it's odd, then, that I'm about to crown the PS Vita as my favourite console of 2014 thus far."

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OculusRift1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

I'm loving my black Vita. Best purchased I made in a long time.. Except when it falls on my face while gaming/watching Netflix in bed.

TM3331661d ago

Funny, I've that same thing happen LOL! I love my Vita too. I've found so much more to love with PS4 Remote Play as well. That pair is gaming heaven for me.

cleft51661d ago

I love my PSVita, no complaints at all.

Lord_Sloth1661d ago

We've all had the PSEye, I'm sure. XXXP

3-4-51661d ago

Just recently bought one. I'm liking it a lot so far. Not every game has appealed to me, but there are a ton I want to play.

MrSwankSinatra1661d ago

All i need is for Sony/Square to Announce a localization of Final Fantasy Type 0 for Vita and i'll go buy one this instance.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1661d ago

Thats what I said for awhile but, I decided Ima get one for P4G been missing out on it for too long.

Inception1661d ago


While wait for Type-0 to get localize, you should buy Vita and P4G, YS Celceta, Soul Sacrifice, Tearaway, Gravity Rush, or Muramasa Rebirth. There's plenty of great games on Vita that worth to play.

MrSwankSinatra1660d ago

Personally i could never get into either Persona or YS (Yes i know, i'm weird). An i really don't play boss hunt games like Soul Sacrifice or Monster Hunter for that matter. Gravity Rush & Tearaway i'll definitely try out, but right now those games don't constitute a purchase for the vita for me. The only games i know for sure i would buy is Metal Gear Solid HD Collection & Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster. just to experience those games on a handheld. An i also want to try out some PS1 games also, i'm just waiting on that big game that's gonna sell me on the vita. the game that sold me on a PSP was Crisis Core.

MightyNoX1661d ago

Vita is like every reniassance artist not appreciated in their time but years from now, people will look back upon its work and realize what a brilliant little handheld console it is/was.

darthv721661d ago

There are many platforms that fall into that example. Often mocked during their time but as years pass they become more revered for the good things they brought to those who felt entertained by them.

HighResHero1661d ago

It's almost like that's the way they want it. They haven't sold it out and I really appreciate that.

theshonen88991661d ago

The Vita will be remembered like the SEGA GameGear: A phenomenally powerful and innovative alternative to Nintendo's handhelds that failed miserably to compete.

Phantom_Puss1661d ago

Beautifully said made me shed a tear of hope and joy. Bubble for you Sir.

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Batnut001661d ago

I wish we had more different types of games on Vita, I wouldn't mind bring more social games liked dating sims or something over here. Been watching World God Only knows and am itching to try one.

StockpileTom1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

That show certainly does glorify them doesn't it? Rarely do the US businessmen decide to port those over though...

Batnut001661d ago

This is true, but the Vita is region-free so there is hope. Probably going to need to learn how to read Kanji though! And that it does! I've always enjoyed games like that to begin with, got my first taste of it with P4G and they could've just taken out the whole dungeon crawling aspect and I still would've played the crap out of it.

StockpileTom1661d ago

I completely agree with that as it does work well as a standalone concept but I think it should be used as an added element in more games as it just adds another layer of depth.

MR_DAVE1661d ago

I Just got my 2nd Vita because I wanted the Kaki/Black 2000 model with a 64 gb.mem card and I'm loving every minute with it. I have zero complaints with the LCD Screen and enough great games to last me until 2015.

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