Infamous: Second Son's Confounding Viral Campaign

Allow us to introduce you to Infamous' fascinating metagame - active now - that can contribute lots of karma to your Second Son campaign.

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xHeavYx1534d ago

What they are doing is pretty cool

Neonridr1534d ago

I signed up for whatever it is, lol. Anything I can do to earn more stuff for when the game drops is A-OK by me.

I do love when developers go the extra mile. Is this necessary? Definitely not, but hey, at least it shows the developer is actually trying to be creative about their product.

curtis921534d ago

Also shows they're excited about their product.

Eonjay1534d ago

Its like a companion app for the game but its a companion site. Think like Bungie's Destiny portal.

curtis921534d ago

Love this kind of stuff.

GenericNameHere1534d ago

Did anyone get theirs yet? I signed up as soon as the site was up, but still nothing.

WeAreLegion1534d ago

Darn. won't let me change the birth date on my phone. Lol.

Majin-vegeta1534d ago

Anyone got a link to the site??

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