Not offering a demo for inFamous: Second Son is a mistake

GameZone's Matt Liebl: "I find it unfortunate that potential newcomers to the series won't have an opportunity to demo the game ahead of release, especially given the fact that Second Son is the third game in the inFamous trilogy and the first to appear on the PlayStation 4."

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Neonridr1597d ago

I'm buying the game, but I agree. I would have liked to have tried a demo. I never played the previous Infamous games. I am merely going off the hype train and what everyone has been saying about these games.

A demo would at least give me piece of mind that I didn't purchase a piece of garbage (although with this game, I highly doubt that will be the case).

Oh well, fingers crossed then.. XD

xHeavYx1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

600k pre-orders so far prove that a demo is not needed for this game

Here is the source of the 66K pre-orders

Neonridr1597d ago

lol, if Aliens: CM had a demo, then how many sales do you think it would have done instead?

how many preorders did Ghost have across the board? Still a good game?

alien6261597d ago

where in the world you get 600k preorders??

xHeavYx1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

Wait a minute, you didn't just compare Aliens CM to Infamous SS, did you?

MysticStrummer1597d ago

Having a demo is always a good thing. Even those who know they want the game would be likely to download a demo, and then they could tell on the fence friends to check it out.

Neonridr1597d ago

@xHeavYx - I am merely saying that just because games have high preorder numbers, doesn't automatically mean they are great games. I used Ghosts as an example there, along with pretty much any other Call of Duty since Modern Warfare.

A demo is always welcome, because it gives people who aren't familiar with the Infamous universe a chance to experience what the game is like without having to spend $60+ on a game to find out if they like it or not.

darthv721597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

Demos are really nice when they are made available but to say that NOT offering one is a mistake is...the mistake.

it is at the discretion of the dev/pub if they want to make a demo available but its not a requirement. Not every game available has a demo and im okay with that.

This game will sell regardless of a demo because those familiar with the previous entries already know this one will be just as worth playing like the others.

Lets not get that 'entitled' mentality going again. Thats like someone saying they ONLY buy games that have demos and if this one doesnt then its sony's loss. It doesnt work like that.

scott1821597d ago

Every major game should have a demo, why would they not have one? Just strange.

Sam Fisher1597d ago

Aliens cm would sold alot better b/c knowing the garbage that is gearbox, they wouldve given us the e3 demo and still not show us the cluster f$&k that which is today. So sometimes demos can be misleading

Neonridr1597d ago

@SamFisher - or people would have seen just how awful the game actually was and then it would have sold nothing. But true, had they given out the Aliens E3 build then yes, probably would have created unwarranted hype.

jebabcock1597d ago

The game is doomed to fail because there is no demo. Sony has failed the gaming community... This is completely unforgivable! /s

GiggMan1597d ago

Infamous has had two outstanding demos and games. Both games have been free on PS+ if I'm not mistaken.

It's safe to say iNfamous will be just fine and it had plenty of street cred. It doesn't need a demo.

VINNIEPAZ1597d ago

"A demo is always welcome, because it gives people who aren't familiar with the Infamous universe a chance to experience what the game is like without having to spend $60+ on a game to find out if they like it or not."

This is one of the most unbiased comments I ever heard and it already has 3 Disagrees. LOL Just because it's SORTA saying a bad thing about the almighty $ony. WOW

Why o why1597d ago

Of course a demo should be available. I cant believe people are using pre orders to justify not having one. They're confident in their game but that shouldn't mean those who may not be sure shouldn't get a chance to sample the game.

Who does releasing a demo harm to those who feel its not necessary?

Day one for me buy there is sure to be many people trying infamous for the first time. Think of those people SP/Sony

morganfell1597d ago

I think they are doing the right thing. The game will sell like hot potatoes. I do not need the dev team wasting time on assembling a demo, and it requires more resources and time than most imagine.

Let part of the team work on the DLC - Festival of Blood is a classic example of DLC done right - while the rest of the team works on another ground breaking project from SP.

Venemox1597d ago

What about the remaining 5,4 million?

tbone5671597d ago

I won't even try this game unless there is a demo. I'll just wait til it hits the used bargain bit. Not gonna gamble with 60 bucks.

morganfell1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

So you own a PS4? Where did you download the demo for that? Or did you get your PS4 from the used bargain bin?

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TrueJerseyDevil1597d ago

Going with the hype train is always a bad idea

mania5681597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

thats where the yesterday live footage and todays UK launch event will come in handy, people who follow playstation news wont miss that.

A demo would be nice, would help on the sales of course but in this time you can see all you need to see on the internet, if you want to see what the game is about that will have to do this time.

Reviews normally tell people if a game is worth your buck and why, whats amazing and whats missing, i for one am pretty sure you can never go wrong with infamous, super powers and sucker punch but thats just my opinion.

for the ones who dont follow IGN, here´s a link for the Uk launch event in little more than one hour, be sure not to miss it!

MysticStrummer1597d ago

Seeing footage isn't the same as playing the game and experiencing for yourself how it feels, especially for those who are new to a series, and I find reviews to be very untrustworthy in general.

Meltic1597d ago

Completed infamous 1 today. going for infamous 2 soon :)

devwan1597d ago

Make sure you do them both as good and evil just so you get to play with all the powers and play styles, although saying that I've still got to finish off infamous 2 as evil cole.

scott1821597d ago

Infamous 1 was such a fantastic game. I never played 2 though...

Irishguy951597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

To be perfectly honest I didn't like the Infamous 1 or 2 demos. The games were far superior. Nothing in Infamous 1 or 2 really compare to the quality and variety of the gameplay in the late game sections.

I do think they should offer the demo they've been shocasing to the press or something though all this time

@ Heavy...Sales =/= Quality. Really, have we not gotten by that phase since about 2009?

Ah, I see, I apologise then

xHeavYx1597d ago

The point of the article is that a demo would have helped with sales. Nobody said anything about quality.
Reading comprehension, anyone?

MrChicagoWind1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

^ This guy.

I don't think a demo is needed either. It won't showcase the beautiful world Sucker Punch created, and would have too many limitations.

Sucker Punch has been very open with their doors too. The press pretty much had a step by step view of the game's progress since the announcement.

Sam Fisher1597d ago

Wait what ever happened with every next gen game having a demo, i recall that on the e3 announcement on the services for the consoles

thehitman1597d ago

Actually being a PS+ subscriber your suppose to be able to download games and play it for like 1hr as a preview before you buy it. I am sure that feature will return on PS4 soon.

Eonjay1597d ago

I also agree that Demos are always welcomed. It seems though like they are purposely holding back. Even the special moves during the IGN, GameSpot playthroughs were blocked out. They really don't want anything to be spoiled. That only make me want it more though lol. Multiple endings have been confirmed so I wonder if reviewers will complete both Karma playthroughs.

princejb1341597d ago

This game doesn't need it I'm buying anyway
But there's been so many times where I was considering of buying a game where when I played the demo I decided not to buy it
Yes it saved me money but it didn't do developers any favors

thehitman1597d ago

This article is a mistake. If you have a PS4 and you are not buying infamous that is a mistake. To wait to play a demo to consider buying the game is a mistake. In fact VERY little demos actually convince me a game is good since content is taken away and the game is usually changed to accommodate it being a test demo. I pre-ordered infamous to not make the mistake of not being able to get the extra content and it being sold out. There are a lot of mistakes that could happen but a demo certainly is not one of them. Infamous will sell well I am quite sure of that.

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Rageanitus1597d ago

All games should have demo's IMO

yezz1597d ago

There are some exceptions but I agree.. There are hardly any demos in the PS store now :S Hopefully they wont vanish this gen because I loved to try almost every demo released each week, just to see if there was something new I might consider buying...

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

Not really. Even tho I could've sworn Sony said every PS4 game will have a demo. Oh well I know the InFamous franchise and how good it is. Its been a day 1 buy for me since reveal. Can't wait. 2 more weeks.

Applejack1597d ago

Not every game needs a demo but I'll admit I really wanted to this game to have one regardless.

PS4's are available on Amazon US right now, hurry up and get one!

brew1597d ago

A demo can do more harm than good sometimes.

UbiquitousClam1597d ago

Only if you have got something to hide. I'm not saying infamous does But I'm a believer that every multiplayer game should have some sort of beta and a single player game should have a demo.

ginsunuva1597d ago

Every multiplayer game should have some sort of beta??

You mean a public beta for every mp game? Lol no not happening. Beta =/= free multiplayer demo