VGU Talks: Are Video Game Similarities Good Or Bad?

"How many times have you looked at a game and felt like it looked liked another one? Have you ever played a game and thought to yourself that it plays like another title you have put your hands on? Well today it is time to look into whether these noticeable similarities are a good or bad thing. In this video, I go over my thoughts on the question as well as bring up three different similarity battles that are being raged right now. Titanfall vs Call of Duty, Evolve vs Left 4 Dead and Deep Down vs Dark Souls."

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seany11011628d ago

The problem is double standards - why is game X allowed to get away with being a rip-off but game Y hated for it?

Doogle3001628d ago

I guess it really does depend on whether enough is changed. Releasing the same game with a few different features is really cheating the consumer, but if they make it fun in a new way, then its something that I think can be acceptable.

amywelshcastle1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

Similarities in games are a given, there's only so creative you can be within a genre or franchise without going completely off the mark. As long as games aren't complete clones of each other I don't think it's a problem.

If Titanfall is 'CoD with mechs' then, well, it's not CoD is it.

levian1627d ago

It's not a bad or a good thing if games end up being similar. It just is. Every FPS that plays like CoD (which is damn near every FPS game) is similar, and it doesn't make them bad.

It's only bad if the game itself is bad. Skyrim is similar to Fallout. Bad? No, awesome! I love both of those games. There are a multitude of games similar to God of War which really got that genre going, and a lot of those games are great.