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Diablo III Review: After The Storm Greatness Abounds - Game Insider

We're very satisfied with what Diablo 3 has become and glad to see Blizzard put in the effort, as opposed to just abandoning a half-broken, but ultimately, great game. Here’s hoping that with Diablo 3 “fixed”, the dev team can now focus solely on providing more new and compelling content! (Diablo III, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 9.5/10

metalgod88  +   198d ago
I had forgotten all about this hefty patch. Thanks to this review, I now know what I'll be spending my weekend doing.
DrewciferCCG  +   196d ago
Oh hey man, that's awesome, I'm so glad I could help! Yeah I've been using D3 to tide me over until Titanfall releases.
metalgod88  +   196d ago
I've been playing D3 post patch and man, this game is just so much better.

Probably one of my favorite small touches is hitting escape while playing to open the options and getting to see the awesome armor on my character.

But game play wise, It's a lot more fun. The new loot system actually encourages me to go to dungeons that aren't part of the story. I've also found 2 legendary weapons, one of which was for my character, and an actual armor set book! That's a first for me as well.

And yes, I enjoyed your review and I pretty much agree with everything you had to say. It's like a whole new game. It took them a LONG time to get it right, but it's more addicting than it ever has been.
Xristo  +   198d ago
I was a big hater of D3. Since this patch, I've done a complete 180! Diablo 3 is hella fun now!
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DrewciferCCG  +   196d ago
Couldn't agree more man! Thanks for checkin out my piece.
3-4-5  +   198d ago
Will this apply to the PS4 version as well ?

I love games like this but I don't like playing them as much on PC.
Bimkoblerutso  +   198d ago
The PS4 version will supposedly have all the content that the PC version will have with the expansion.

In fact the PS3 version already had Loot 2.0 before the PC version was patched, and that is far and away the most important change to hit the game.

I really liked playing with the controller too (though I still prefer m/kb). It's going to be great on the PS4 if the PS3 version is any indication.
DrewciferCCG  +   196d ago
He's absolutely correct. The console version, like I mentioned in my article, really informed how this patch wound up fixing a lot of issues in the PC version, so the subsequent PS4 version will be as good, if not better than the PS3/360 versions.

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