Titanfall Pre-Load is up on Origin, Download Size is 49.99 GB

Ok people here we are, Titanfall pre-load is available now on Origin and you can start download, the game size is 49.99 GB.

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BelkingOfSony1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

would take at least a whole day for that to download with the poor download speeds in the UK. ain't nobody got time for that lmcrys

kingdip901540d ago

I feel bad for the people with download limits on their data...

dontbhatin1540d ago

something ive noticed with origin. With both the titanfall beta and this preload i have gotten a max download speed of 33.65 MB/sec on the preload and 18 on the beta. This is a great benefit to origin that i have never seen steam do for me. with my 30 meg connection.

It doesnt make any sense though since its downloading faster than my internet speed that i pay for. Maybe EA has a contract with certain ISP's to allow speed boosts like this.

gillri1540d ago

welcome to next gen gaming, you better get used to it

BiggCMan1540d ago gen...PFFFFT!

But yea there is not much reason for this game to be that damn big. I was in the PC beta and there just wasn't much to warrant such a large size. It is probably very uncompressed

Irishguy951540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

BiggCMan, that's gonna be standard this gen. Theres no reason whatsoever for Uncharted 3 to be 38GB's, while Skyrim is a lowly 6GB. I really hope this is the limit devs go on size of games. It's totally unnecessary to have any more than Blu ray size. FOr the sake of hard drive space and download time/limits, devs SHOULD compress their games more. The loss in quality is minimal at most.

One thing Electronic engineering and Programmers have done is create some damn good compression methods for digital information

Edit - Also, Titanfall qualifies as Next gen. The hardware requirements for the game are pretty high. If you were in the PC beta you should know that. Let alone the fact that the game is made to ensure a consistent 60Fps with fairly decent visuals. I'd compare it to Crysis 2(PC version). Features wise, it's very standard next gen. As in, like BF, Killzone, Forza etc, the only thing that warrants the term 'next gen' is graphics.

jmc88881540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )


What???? Respectfully you are so far off from reality on this, I think you should recheck your ideas.

Skyrim was good bang for your buck because of the large world, but Skyrim also was awful looking. Skyrim looked like crap, especially on PC, until you got the mods which made it actually look like a PC game. Vanilla Skyrim without the enhanced textures and mods looked like utter crap.

Yes Titanfall and Forza are considered nextgen because they are on a new console, but they aren't next gen based off the technology they used. Both are easily 2008 or sooner technology. It is very easy to spot the last gen visuals. Because all both are is last gen at a higher res and/or slightly bumped up textures. There is SO MUCH STUFF graphically that TItanfall and Forza are missing it's unreal. Those games are 2004-2008 graphics tech, and it's obvious.

No, the PC beta didn't need much power to run it. At highest settings? A midrange did it with ease, but that's with insane textures.

Bump some of these options down. Even lower the resolution, and this Source engine game quite easily can be run off PC gear 5-7 years old.

No, sorry, Crysis 2 mops the floor with Titanfall. Titanfall looks like Super Mario Bros compared to Crysis 2. I can't believe you would take an actual DX11 game with all the frills and compare it to Titanfall. No source engine game has good graphics. NONE. It's IMPOSSIBLE.

I'm sorry to say you know nothing about graphics. It's all good, your priorities might be elsewhere and all that, and you're still I'm sure a fine human being. But no, you simply don't know graphics.

You are so off it's like you're trying to tell us that NY is a suburb of LA.

Allsystemgamer1540d ago

Uh. Irish you have no idea what you are talking about. Titanfall has low requirements

My 5 nearing 6 year old desktop ran it at max above 60fps at 1440p. It would be considered low end by today's standards.

Ipunchbabiesforfun1540d ago

Skyrim looks like ass though...

DeadlyFire1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Time to buy discs again.

You guys do know when the Source Engine was released right? It has had some decent updates. I wouldn't say its that far out of date.

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ThatOneGuyThere1540d ago

all audio. had to record silly amounts of hours on the stupid AI dialog back and fourth.

Dlacy13g1540d ago

I believe the preload is 50 but final installation is around 28GB per Vince Zampella.

bumnut1540d ago

Install files are usually compressed, why would it be smaller after installation?

Dlacy13g1540d ago

@bumnut you are correct...went back and re-looked. had the numbers reversed. Honest mistake.

hollabox1540d ago

Damn 50GBs? No thanks! I'm sticking to my disc if I buy this game. I can have it up and running in about 40 minutes rather than waiting 10 plus hours to download.

Ducky1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

... you could play it instantly as soon as it releases if you preload it. =/

Edit: Also, the download size seems to be more like 20Gb. 50Gb is the unpacked install size.

hollabox1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

I gotcha, thanks for the info but I will probably will still buy the BRD if I get it on XB1. AT&T has data caps now and I don't want 1/5 of my bandwidth being taken up by one game.

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ThichQuangDuck1540d ago

Where is that 50 gigs coming from...... Let the DLC hidden in game speculation begin. 50 gigs for a multiplayer only game with 15 maps plenty of assets,but something is weird there

ThichQuangDuck1540d ago

Ha really audio.... Battlefield 4 has huge vast maps, single player, multiplayer, plenty of weapons, audio of a wider variety and is not 50 gigs

ThatOneGuyThere1540d ago

well, audio takes up the most space. so its an assumption really. but youve got all of the stupid AI people having full conversations with each other at random. thats gotta cost something.

NovasRevenge1540d ago

cod ghosts was 50gig too, which means its badly optimized or yes dlc is locked in with it

SteamPowered1540d ago

50GB on PC??!! Thats pretty crazy. LA Noir is the biggest game i own at around 13gb.
That cant be right can it? I can see that for X1 or PS4.

Crazyglues1540d ago

Is anyone having trouble pre-downloading, I can't -pre download.. anyone having problems? What did I do wrong?

NovasRevenge1540d ago

preload in the uk starts on the 10th march.

that is if you are uk i assume

sungam3d1540d ago

Use Korean proxy/vpn.
Start up origin.
Begin preload.
Close proxy.
Game will download perfectly.

Preload opens for me on the 11th, game opens on 12th. With my crap Aussie net it will take a few days to download the whole game, so Im preloading it now.

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