Xbox One’s superior Twitch Streaming service justifies delay

Gameondaily discusses how the Xbox One is making up for the delay of the Twitch streaming app by having the best console version of the popular application.

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mewhy321622d ago

got to give this one to the xbone. Well at least until the next PS4 update comes out LOL. But, for now, this one goes to the xbone. Hey one victory over the PS4 is better than zero, right?

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1622d ago

i think the ppl who really care for this are the Hardcore Twitchers im fine with what i have on the PS4 i look forward to updates

Ch1d0r11621d ago

The hardcore will still be streaming over video capture, its the most versatile. The PS4 streaming aint hardly used by the top guys. Look at Dan's Gaming.

johndoe112111621d ago

" The Xbox One very closely mimics the PC version of the service with a proper chat log on the right, not a small one at the bottom only showing two posts at once"

Ok, I have to ask. Did the guy who wrote this article ever actually use the twitch interface on the ps4???? This statement isn't true at all. In fact it's a downright lie. It has a full chat log on the right. What the hell kind of journalism is this?

---stone---1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

@ Johndoe

Its not really an outright lie. he's just pointing out that if you go full screen, you only have two lines of chat (with limited characters).

We know, or people that watch Live From Playstation it has a sidebar chat and you can toggle regular screen to full screen. I think it could be done better. Its more of Xbone having more of pc look than a ps4 twitch look.

I think the ps4 twitch version will get an overhaul/update at some point. While its functional... to me its looks rushed. The window dressing will come to fancy it up along with increasing resolution.

Some twitch feeds on the ps4 look like vhs quality and others look better than 540p.

Anyways... the Xbone has really been hitting it good with the updates. PS4 is kinda slipping in this department imo.

Pixel_Enemy1622d ago

Will it stream XB1 games that run 720p in 1080p?

Tedakin1622d ago

Streams all games at 720. PS4 streams all games at 540.

brich2331621d ago

Yes, you will be able to stream it at 480p if you want.

Prime1571621d ago

Don't bring up resolutiongate 2.0 like this article insists, watching others play the experiences you can have is so ultra amazing!!!!!1!

Seriously, kids, play your games, don't watch them... I still don't get it out of watching a few mins if gameplay you are unsure of being great...


Serious question, does x1 have twitch interaction? "Live or die" in tomb raider stuff?

medman1621d ago

Nothing "justifies" a delay such as this, just as it's not justifiable that the ps4 and xbone aren't as capable in their multimedia functionality as the ps3 and 360. Of course we all expect this to change with updates, but you can hardly call features that should be implemented from day one justified when they finally get patched in.

3-4-51621d ago

This is cool for informing players about a game via facts and info 7 gameplay, but if people are just using this to brag about how good they are then....

If you have to tell somebody how good you are, then how good are you really ?

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Zefros1622d ago

twitch is the same on both, the resolution thing is only advantage it has over ps4, but even that is not by much, and i am pretty sure that this can be updated. other than that, don't care about the inerface as long as it's good and not horrible.

StealthPandemic1622d ago

That can be said for games.

Prime1571621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

What about twitch integration? I'd rather mess with somebody over watching them in a slightly higher resolution.

Yes. Resolution helps...

ugh, BORING! I will play titanfall 1000x longer than I will watch it, AND I have NO plans to watch it!

Seriously, I watched 2 mins of gameplay on YouTube to decide if I should buy certain games... is twitch necessary?

DOMination-1621d ago

Resolution isn't a big deal when its not in ps4s favour I see

Hicken1621d ago

There's a difference here, though: the PS4 can easily match the resolution of something as simple as a Twitch stream. I don't think the XB1 can suddenly match the resolution output of a game on PS4 with the same graphical features.

Soldierone1622d ago

I think the acting going on around the video was funny/original, but in terms of everything else it was extremely hard to hear anybody talking. Especially when people were playing with guns, you couldn't hear anything they were saying at all. I also think the comedy shouldn't affect the main people talking at all.

I can't really add to the main discussion because I hardly know what they said. Basically just got they hope its better because it was delayed.

showtimefolks1622d ago


Kivespussi1622d ago


Riderz13371622d ago

Why are you guys typing in caps lol...

MasterCornholio1622d ago

Yep but no need to abuse the caps you two.


Sharingan_no_Kakashi1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Hardly use the feature myself. Sometimes its fun to see people trolling other peoples vids. Dont even have a twitch or ustream account.

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