Troy Baker on The Last of Us Movie: 'I Would Cast Josh Brolin as Joel'

Videogame actor Troy Baker became gaming's top leading man when he played Joel in Naughty Dog's The Last of Us. Now as a film is announced, Baker explains who he'd like to see play the character on the big screen.

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GamersHeaven1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

I agree Josh Brolin would be a perfect choice for Joel.

@FlunkinMonkey-My buddy told me that as well I will have to check After Prisoners out this weekend always thought Hugh Jackman was a underrated actor.

@Lukas-Troy nailed the voice brought alot of emotion to the character.Josh could pull the voice off hard to say if he could add the same emotion to the performance we never seen him play that type of character in movies before.Regardless who they cast not sure how they could pull this off in a two hour movie vs a 12-15 hour game.

GarrusVakarian1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

But it wouldn't be Joel.....Troy Bakers voice acting and mo-cap is what makes Joel. A different actor just isn't going to cut it, even the best actors in the world. Same goes for Ellie.

I really don't want a live action movie. CGI is more than good enough in this day and age for movie adaptations of videogames (Avatar proved that in 2009). That way you could have the right look of the characters and their voice actors. Seeing some Hollywood actors acting as Joel and Ellie would make me cringe. Even if they find actors that look near identical to their videogame counterparts, they still aren't going to be the characters we "fell in love" with from playing TLOU.

The same goes for the Mass Effect movie too.

-Foxtrot1594d ago

The only thing you could do in my opinion with things like this is allow the mop cap actors to play the parts in the film....however I think it's harder for the Last of Us.

It would be more easy to do the Uncharted film with Nolan, Emily and Richard as they look more like their parts.

I know Amy Hennig has left but they could still hire her to write the Uncharted film. Why go through a ton of writers for that film when they allowed Neil to write the Last of Us film straight away....first choice. Tad unfair I think

BelkingOfSony1594d ago

i hate hollywood, they've ran out of ideas for movies so now they go and take video games and produce a half arsed attempt at trying to squeeze 10 plus hours (length of my first tlou playthrough) of videogaming epicness into 2 hours of mediocrity.

Alexander1Nevermind1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

Personally I Like Gerard Butler as Joel...

NewMonday1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

Joel is maniac that kills scores of people with his bare hands

Gerard Butler can project that both physically and in character.

the second choice would be Liam Neeson

morganfell1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

It's never going to be Joel and Troy Baker is never going to look like Joel. I had just written on another forum yesterday that Josh Brolin should get the role. He just jumped into my mind. Either that or let the Butler do it. But on Ellie I am drawing a blank.

GarrusVakarian1594d ago

"It's never going to be Joel and Troy Baker is never going to look like Joel"

As i said, CGI >>> live action for videogame movies.

Sevir1594d ago


Well ND was actually the one who pitched the movie to Sony, who own's Screen Gems! the difference here is that The writer for The movie is None other than the man who wrote the game! So it's going to be handled the way proper Game to film adaptations should be. I don't think Hollywood came to Sony, as Sony owns 7 movie studio's and is a prolific force in Hollywood. This is the Game industry going to Hollywood with the right people on board. The only reason why i'm happy about this is because ND's Neil is the writer and co producer of the movie. So the movie will remain and retain the grim integrity of last years best game!

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BelkingOfSony1594d ago

and Ellen Page as Ellie?...

Tdmd1594d ago

That woud be kind of hilarious... lol

Sevir1594d ago

Her likeness is clearly the influence of Ellie's initial design, Ellen would pull it off well, even though it would be hilarious.

InTheLab1594d ago

Now this may seem kinda left field be hear me out on this....

Dillon Mcdermot.

I know you're all like wtf but look...

and here...

Great actor. Looks like Joel. Sounds like Troy Baker.

adorie1594d ago

I think I agree with this.100%

He can act too.

FlunkinMonkey1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

After Prisoners, it would have to go to Hugh Jackman to be honest (I never thought i'd say that in the past).

Josh Brolin hasn't fared well in movies such as Old Boy (horrible US version), I don't think he pulled off the gritty, man at a loss type character at all.

Hughverine pulled off the caring dad who lost his shat, just doing what needs to be done. Brolins face looked like a banana in Old Boy.

Joels face is not a banana.


Armadilo211594d ago

Josh Brolin should of been Batman but for joel yeah only Hugh Jackman can do it

-Foxtrot1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

Nice choice, I still think Josh should of been Batman if Zack Synder had his way, he's a fantastic actor

Either Josh Brolin or Hugh Jackman would be good enough for me but knowing Hollywood they'd cast someone totally different.

Josh Brolin


or Hugh Jackamn

I suppose Tommy could be played by Josh Holloway

As for Ellie though....I honestly have no idea who could play her. Theres not really any good choice of female child actors in Hollywood. They probably get Chloë More to play her....urgh.

I would say Ellen Page but she's no 14 year old is she :|

HeavenlySnipes1594d ago

Hugh Jackman would actually be a really good choice

SolidGear31594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

Josh Holloway as Tommy. Oh hell yes. I effing love LOST.

MilkMan1594d ago

Agreed! Josh all the way. Maaaaaaybe Kevin Costner if Josh wont do it.

calvincrack1594d ago

Video Game movies need to stop. The dream is over.

Naughty Dog makes their games reminiscent of films, so to then base movies on those games is like swallowing your own vomit, pooping it out and then using that to butter your bread. i sincerely apologize for that horrible analogy.

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