The truth about maxing out consoles like PS4

What is PlayStation 4 discusses the concept of maxing out consoles like the PS4.

Devs have used the phrase 'maxed out' many times before. See why history keeps repeating itself.

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linkenski1538d ago

Likely we'll see some games that truly maxes the console out by the end of its cycle, however I personally thought PS3 peaked with Uncharted 2 and then while TLoU looked good, it had a lot of framerate hiccups in comparison. IMO it's more preferable to push the envelope as much as possible until the console shows signs that it's too much.

SageShinigami1538d ago

Good article. We hear the words "maxed out" so often these days. With the PS360 gen it was believable because we were near the end of the gen, but with the PS4 we're already hearing it and that's kind of crazy so it's good to have people at least try to give a new definition to the buzzword.