IGN VS Naughty Dog And Why ND's Statement Feels Fake

Jon of RGN writes, "What's more disappointing than the fact that this whole letter comes off as a very angry and dismissive rant rather than a professional public relations statement is the fact that Naughty Dog has failed to elaborate on anything regarding the change in staff."

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THC CELL1626d ago

Dont trust ign, she might of left for many reasons maybe a illness, cant see her been forced out no way

darthv721626d ago

speculation always runs rampant when both parties do not disclose the nature of a depature. Especially someone as important as a writer of a renowned franchise.

This coupled with the departure of Jack is leading many to think there are underline reasons that are not being told. And honestly, these reasons that arent being told are their reasons and nobody elses.

its our own curiosity that is getting the better of us.

firelogic1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

Right because a writer for a game studio is totally related to the CEO of SCEA.

People leave companies. People get fired. It's really none of your business. Maybe Amy made a typo and she got fired. Who cares?

darthv721626d ago

@fire, that is basically what i just said. Its none of our business why. its between the parties involved.

As for relating the two (her and jack) that is what others are doing. i didnt say me. Call it a coincidence but people are trying to read to between the lines they have drawn for themselves.

i agree with you.

Monolith1626d ago

Why does any of this matter people! ND can fire(whatever happened) whoever the hell they want.

BelkingOfSony1626d ago

You can't spell ignorance without IGN

JoGam1626d ago

But you can spell orance without ign.

-Foxtrot1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

As I've said I just find it odd that despite having twitter Neil and Bruce didn't say anything to defend themselfs now if you heard a site like IGN or others were posting stories about how you were the reason why someone a studio you work at and were making you out to be a complete b***** then the first thing you would do is squash those rumours.

Why wait for a well thought out PR speech by the heads of the company.

Hell Neil and Bruce had been silent on Twitter and as soon as the story broke on the ND website they became active again and BOTH post the link at roughly the same time saying roughly the same they had been told to stay quite, let the big guys handle it and then get the news out to as many people.

I mean why.....why do that if you've done nothing wrong, you don't need to wait for PR stuff to defend you when your innocent, you'd want to clear your name straight away so it doesn't become out of control like what happened. Hell even the statement from the heads of ND didn't really explain much.

Common sense at the end of the day.

I really can't get behind any sides at the moment.

ArchangelMike1626d ago

It's called professionalism. If you have ever worked within a company of corporation, you would understand why.

Did you want them to start a mud slinging war? That would be very immature and unprofessional.

ND is right at the end of the day, neither Neil nor Bruce have the position of power within the company to "force out" anyone. That call comes from the President of the company.

Real working adults don't have the N4G fanboy mentality you know.

-Foxtrot1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

How would it be unprofessional to just say on Twitter something like

"Hey guys just wanted to let you know those rumours are false, I would never force a close friend of mine out of the company or drive her to leave. Amy and I are cool"

I don't see how that's unprofessional, so this whole "mudslinging" war your going on about is exaggerating at the most

"ND is right at the end of the day, neither Neil nor Bruce have the position of power within the company to "force out" anyone"

But saying forced out dosen't just mean they fired her, it could mean they "pushed" her out like they drove her to leave for what ever reason

I really don't think your getting this, if you really think nicely saying on twitter that you had nothing to do with it is unprofessional then I'm sorry but that's just silly.

"Real working adults don't have the N4G fanboy mentality you know."

What's this got to do with fanboys...I mean really <sigh>

Thatguy-3101626d ago

I agree with Mike. It's professionalism. At the end of the day they are rumours that involve the company. No one knows what's going on except them. Whether they squashed it or not the rumors will still go around. In fact I always do the same thing. Rumors are just rumors if they are fake I don't need to put much focus into them and I just brush them aside.

OrangePowerz1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

Since both are accused if rightly or wrongly they shouldn't make comments on it in public that's what the studio heads, PR and so on are there for because the press always finds a way to misconstruct a comment. There are also legal reasons.

Besides of that they don't have to explain to the public why someone leaves their company.

Monolith1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

Because none of that matters. Who are you and why do you need to know. Just saying. They don't need to tell us anything. We don't work there. We a consumers nothing more. Plus they are just employees themselves. They don't have to say shit.

What stuna1 said below. That sounds much better then what I'm trying to say.

-Foxtrot1626d ago

May I ask why people think this is just "another person leaving a company"

it's not just that, if all the stuff IGN posted hadn't been said then fair enough but the fact you have these sources which talked about her being forced out, the fact she left during development (why leave at your own free will during development of a franchise you've helped grow/create) and the fact she dosen't seem the type to do that

I don't see how this is JUST "another dev leaving" story.

I really don't see why people get so offended by this aswell with comments like "Oh just drop it", "shut up" or "why do you need to do eh". For god sake guys it's a discussion site why do you bloody expect.

If it was normal circumstances fair enough but with this it's not. What's not to get.

IRetrouk1626d ago

Who were the source's though thats a question in itself, also shes a writer her job on the fourth game may well have been complete, how do we know she wasnt offered a higher paid job or maybe she had family stuff to deal with, we just dont know, all partys involved have come forward and said the rumours were not true, why cant we just take it at face value without having to add a big old conspiracy?

Hitman07691626d ago


You said "all partys involved have come out and said the rumors aren' true".


Naughty Dog Co-Presidents issued 1 statement. IGN, Amy Hennig, nor the two being accused have not made any comments as which you claim.

IRetrouk1625d ago

Look it up both nd and amy have said the claims are false.

Yahdaree1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

It's called class, not everyone feels the need to step down to this level and ackonwledge every stupid rumor from the web...

I give them credit for letting Naughty Dog as a company issue a PR statement instead of ranting on their personal Twitter accounts or whatever.

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Tommy_titfer1626d ago

For somebody to write and directed 3 Uncharted games, work on Uncharted 4 and then just leave through the back door is a tad peculiar.

IGN shouldn't have jump the gun and Naughty Dog should have released a joint announcement prior to Amy's departure to quell any speculation or to at least put a positive spin if there was any tension within the team.

IRetrouk1626d ago

Hold on, what am I not getting?, someone leaves a job, like many do, someone else makes up some friction bullcrap that has been shot down by everyone involved and people still wanna go with the worst case scenario? Everyone must realise that the story for uncharted 4 must be complete, I dont think she left in the middle of writing the script, she probably finished her part in the creation process and then decided it was time to move on, if she did infact write the script she will get her name on the credits if shes there or not.

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