10 worst reboots in gaming history

You thought hipster posing, scarf wearing Sonic in the new Sonic Boom was bad? Check out what happened when these gaming icons got 'resurrected'. Massacred, might be a better way of putting it. These are the worst reboots in history.

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-Foxtrot1597d ago dmc

It's a no brainer, it was inferior in every way to past DMC games

ChickeyCantor1596d ago

DMC had a great combo system. So no.

Matt6661596d ago

well said, but The angel of Darkness is a lot better then the newest Tomb Raider (my opinion) I never had a problem with the frame rate in AOD, so I not sure where he got that from (I doubt he actually played it) and why isn't there any Crash Badnicoots on there (the ones after the wrath of cortex) (the Crash Bandicoots before the WOC are very good) or RE4-6 why isn't that on the list this guy has missed a lot out of games.

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Moncole1596d ago

Sonic Boom is made by ex Naught Dog devs so I am sure it wont be a bad game.

linkenski1596d ago

You don't put an unreleased game on a "top ten worst reboots" list. No one knows if it's good or not.

Auron1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

didn't even bother to read the article because of that, how stupid.

Jamiex661596d ago

Yep, saw the image...And lost interest.

dcj05241596d ago

Lol exactly. Unless he's a time traveler.

deathtok1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

Ugh. Opinion pieces that get posted here tend to be so bad. Can anyone write anymore?

Concertoine1595d ago

It also isnt even a reboot... just a subseries i think.

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Up_N_U1596d ago

simply put every old skool game released on xbox and playstation wasn't good. that's what 7th gen was all about. good thing there was some good games that you can play today like solder of fortune payback.

Matt6661596d ago

Seriously the Ps1-PS2 era was the best for games, the proper Crash Bandicoots, the Proper Resident Evils, the proper Silent Hills. Just by reading your comment I doubt you actually played on things like RE1-Cvx and your first one you played was 4 and you probs think that the best one (even though it started the action phase off in RE).

SegaGamer1596d ago

Sonic Boom is not a reboot, it's just a spin off. And Sonic 2006 was also not a reboot, it's very similar to the Sonic Adventure games.

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