A History of the Ghostbusters in Video Games

Tim Allen: "As you may have been made aware via the surprisingly positive outpouring of support and memorial posts, American comedy actor Harold Ramis recently passed away. Not to disparage anything else he’s done, but if you’re about my age and reading this, the first movie that comes to mind when thinking of Mr. Ramis’ career is Ghostbusters, and his associated role of Dr. Egon Spengler, nuclear physicist and collector of spores, molds, and fungus."

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BelkingOfSony1596d ago

Who ya gonna call? ... GHOSTBUSTERS!!!!!

ZombieKiller1595d ago

I wish that the Ghostbusters game from Atari was better. Although it was ok, and had the Ghostbusters nostalgia (I'm a child of the 80's) which made it was still not the game these guys DESERVE.

I mean, come on! A GAME ABOUT THE FNCKING hard is that to create? Dan Ackroyd and Harold Ramis pretty much did all the creative work. Just include authenticity.

I hope to see the return of Ghostbusters in a future, next gen, REALLY AWESOME game. RIP Ramis....

SniperControl1595d ago

The Spectrum game was bloody awful, but I still played it because it was Ghostbusters.

RiPPn1595d ago

I loved the NES version of Ghostbuster, wonder how it holds up now? Probably pretty badly, but that's what we did with the NES, played games no matter how good or bad they were.

ziggurcat1595d ago

commodore 64 ghostbusters is best ghostbusters.

iceman061595d ago

I used to play that to DEATH!!! Seriously, I'd load it up and just listen to the theme song. Great times!!!

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