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Xbox One being sold with free game at Newegg and Walmart

XMNR: The Titanfall Xbox One bundle is coming next week and Microsoft announced Thursday that a new Xbox One bundle with Forza Motorsport 5 will be coming next week as well. A pair of retailers got the jump on both of these bundles Friday though by offering a choice of game with the console. (Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts, FIFA 14, Just Dance 2014, Madden NFL 25, NBA 2K14, Need For Speed: Rivals, Xbox One)

mrpsychoticstalker  +   288d ago
Stand by for Titanfall!
darthv72  +   288d ago
Guess the free game incentive is starting to work. See MS...all you needed to do was include a pack in like the good old days.

Even if this is more of the individual stores doing it, it shows promise.
nukeitall  +   288d ago
People have different tastes in games, but man how can you not want Titanfall as the pack in game, with that awesome console box art?

All I can say is standby for Titanfall!!!

Only three more days!!!!!! :D
choujij  +   288d ago
I'll pass.
NeoTribe  +   288d ago
Buy a ps4 and youll have enough leftover cash for almost two new games.
sourgrouch   288d ago | Spam
No_Limit  +   288d ago
If only if there were actual 2 games that is worth purchasing...

Sorry I have the PS4 since launch day and I haven't touch it for over a month since i got my XB1 with Forza, Dead Rising. Killer Instinct, and next week ...Titanfall.
curtis92  +   288d ago
so you only play exclusives huh? Kinda missing out.
cell989  +   288d ago
If youre telling me you prefer to play KI over KZSF, Outlast, or even BF4, thgen I know for a fact you dont own a PS4, youve reached your limit for trolling sir
lsujester  +   288d ago
If you'd bought an X1 at launch instead, you'd have even less to play. Sony has given out some free games like Outlast, Resogun, and Dead Nation. MS has given out not much more than advertisements.
No_Limit  +   288d ago
"so you only play exclusives huh?"

Nope, I have Assassin's Creed IV and NBA 2k14 on PS4 and Strider on XB1. I get the best version of third part games and right now there aren't anything interesting right now.

"If youre telling me you prefer to play KI over KZSF, Outlast, or even BF4"

KI over Killzone, Defintely Yes. With Fulgore coming in in a few weeks and a story mode, it will even be better.

Outlast?? = Don't care, never heard of it.

BF4= It is also on XB1 so I don't get your point there. You could've used Knack. LOL

"If you'd bought an X1 at launch instead, you'd have even less to play."

Sorry, not into Indies games and at launch XB1 has Forza, Dead Rising, Ryse, and KI. PS4 has Killzone and Knack..hmmm tough choice there but I still went with the PS4 at launch because I was down on the XB1 at the time and I am very intersted in next gen version of Assasin's Creed and NBA 2k and PS4 has the best port a the time.

Anyway guys, I have all the systems so I can care less but telling like what it is in my State of Gaming Union at this time of year.
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RobLoPR  +   288d ago
Playstation 3 for me became a $300 Bluray player
Now the PS4 is on the same route.
dodgefate  +   288d ago

Outlast?? = Don't care, never heard of it.

This in it self says u don't have a ps4 lol let me guess you don't know what PS+ is.... oh, wait you read n4g I am sure you have seen it on here before. you are a funny one.
sourgrouch   288d ago | Spam
No_Limit  +   288d ago
"This in it self says u don't have a ps4 lol let me guess you don't know what PS+ is.... oh, wait you read n4g I am sure you have seen it on here before. you are a funny one. "

" I know for a fact you dont own a PS4, youve reached your limit for trolling sir "

I don't mean to brag but how you two like your crows to be served?


Now the question is, do you have a PS4?? LOL
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CernaML  +   288d ago
Ryse? Killer Instinct? Lol Youre funny.
OiNioB  +   288d ago
Just leave them alone No_Limit and enjoy your consoles, they seem to not be enjoying theirs :/

Hence the constant Attacks to justify purchase
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CernaML  +   288d ago
Theres a word to describe a post like that. ^

I think its called ironic.
Rockstar  +   288d ago
sourgrouch indeed.

I've got plenty of games keeping me busy on my PS4.
VforVideogames  +   288d ago
Really ? because mine is collecting dust till I play multiplayer on infamous.
Kribwalker  +   288d ago

Greatness waits and waits

(Maybe shouldn't write that, somehow got a 1 day ban last time I called it that)
RobLoPR  +   288d ago
That means it bothered somebody
cell989  +   288d ago
and superior graphics
ThanatosDMC  +   288d ago
Looks like someone just check their newegg e-mail not too long ago.... hehehe
UNIFIEDONE  +   288d ago
Time for the fanboy trash flooding theses sites to be taken to the dump!
Donjune  +   288d ago
I have a PS4 and I have nothing to play either! Hopefully Infamous lives up to the billing! Baseball and Watchdogs are almost here too..
SynestheticRoar  +   288d ago
Damn they are giving away games. Feel sorry for early adopter's no free games in sight.
HaveAsandwich  +   288d ago
still to expensive. drop it down to 399, so i can buy one.
ruefrak  +   288d ago
I know, nothing to play on the PS4. Except Killzone was fun And I AC4 looked really good. But other than that, well, Flower and Flow were cool. Resogun was a lot of fun But aside from those you have nothing... unless you can also count DC Universe and Warframe, which actually is a lot of fun. Ok, ok. But aside from Killzone, Flower, Flow, AC4, Resogun, DC Universe, Warframe, Don't Starve, Outlast, Contrast, Dead Nation, and Escape Plan, there is literally nothing to play on the PS4. Sure, Knack's fun, but is it "next-gen" fun? It's like 10 hours of old school brawler/platformer fun. You don't get to kill zombies in it or nothing.

I'm glad I got the Xbox One. I've been playing the shit out of Ryse, and Dead Rising. And then back to Ryse... and Dead Rising again. But Titanfall is going to beat them all. Sure, I railed against an "always online" console, and sure I think EA is the worst company in the world because they can't ever get their servers working for online games, but this time it's going to be different. This time EA isn't going to screw up a game that requires me to be "always online." The Sim City problems will never happen again. Sure, Battlefield 4's multiplayer was a horrible, horrible mess, but EA isn't going to allow that to happen again.
Now excuse me, I've got some Dead Rising to play before I pop Ryse back in and then it's Titanfall until... whenever the next great game comes out. November-ish? Somewhere around then?
RobLoPR  +   288d ago
A lot of games are coming for the Xbox One... and a lot of exclusives also... feeling sorry for those who couldnt afford an X1
elmaton98  +   288d ago
Shit I can buy the Xbox one and one for you if you prefer but I just prefer the ps4, I'm comfortable with it and I wouldn't want anything else. The Xbox one might be a good console but is just not for me so, most of us (PS fans) just don't want the Xbox one and that's it you know. Price is not a problem, what it offer is.
avidgamer1  +   288d ago
Actually if Titanfall is as good as advertised and is supposed to be the next best thing, it might be THE ONLY thing most gamers play until November when the next CoD comes out.

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