Watch Dogs - Did Aiden Pierce get a new face? Comparison images

After the recent release date reveal in the Story trailer, it appears lead protagonist for Watch Dogs Aiden Pierce has had a subtle face change. Is this for the better?

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lonewolfjedi1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

he looks a little bit like edward kenway from Assassins creed 4 now

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

why can't we have the game they played at jimmy falcons show

to me he looks like Dylan McDermott

zeee1625d ago

Looks a bit like Seamus Dever from Castle.

Talidan1625d ago


Old Aiden: Timothy Hutton

New Aiden: Dylan McDermott

GraveLord1625d ago

Not at all. Aiden looks American. Edward Kenway didn't.

OT: I have no problems with either face. Both character models seem to be much better than anything in the Assassin's Creed series.

1nsomniac1625d ago

? How exactly did Edward Kenway not look American?

What do you think he looked? He certainly didnt look West Indian/Caribbean!

@lonewolfjedi your right I hadnt noticed it before but yes it just looks like they've removed the facial hair & recycled the skin.

DOMination-1625d ago

Edward Kenway was Welsh and if you thought about the time frame of ac4 its quite obvious hes not going to be American...

I haven't followed WD but I always assumed Aiden was Irish from his name and his look reminded me of the guy from saboteur!

CoLD FiRE1625d ago

What does an American look like?

elsuperamigo1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

USA have so.many mixtures of races i wont know how one will looks like! when i imagine a USA person (america is the whole continent so refer to american i guess u.mean that) i.always think of a hillbilly lol

beebap1625d ago

Seen information somewhere that said belfast so N.Ireland unless they changed that too.

DOMination-1625d ago

Just looked it up - as mentioned above he is from Belfast.

Like I said, always assumed he was Irish.. his name is a dead giveaway!

GraveLord1624d ago

Don't know why I got so many disagrees.

Edward Kenway is clearly European.

He looks like this guy

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-Foxtrot1625d ago

Looks like John Reese in my opinion

This game is basically Person of Interest, I mean the similarities are too much.

abstractel1625d ago

He looks really average now whereas last year he looked really interesting. I'm really bummed out by Watch Dog's re-reveal and I hope it isn't as bad as it appears to be.

hollabox1625d ago

He looks more like Alan Wake

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mochachino1625d ago

His face is better now, looks more cold blooded.

The lighting, physics, weather effects on the other hand are absolute shite. The games graphics took a nose dive and the city looks lifeless and static.

I'd rather they lower the resolution and bring it back to E32012 quality.

LoneWolf0191625d ago

We all wish that :( here's hoping that last trailer was just last gen

wonderfulmonkeyman1625d ago

It might even have a hand in preventing framerate drops if there's less resolution for the systems to worry about.

EXVirtual1625d ago

I don't even think they'd have to lower the resolution if they tried a bit harder than normal.
I think that the reason that they downgraded it was because of the fact that it's cross gen.
Look at infamous: Second Son. Awesome graphics, particle effects and native 1080p.
With a bit of effort Watch Dogs E32012 is very doable. Maybe less particle effects and stuff, but you know what I mean.

Audiggity1625d ago

He probably just got some botox to prepare for the release date.

mcarsehat1625d ago

Its probably for a realistic film comparison.

MisterFantastic1625d ago

Why must people always make an AC comparison to Watch Dogs? Anways, I lost faith in Ubisoft now -_- always make empty my girlfriend

Minipandaninja1625d ago

because:same engine, different place and time but the map, the running, the menu and the inventory look similar

ion531625d ago

WD and AC run on two different engines... AC runs on Anvil Next. WD runs on Disrupt

Minipandaninja1623d ago

Changing the name from anvil Next to Disrupt doesnt make it really different and it doesnt look different. They were probably affraid people would talk about it and say it was to much like AC and that's probably why they made a tweet to say it wasnt running on the same engine

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