Watch Dogs Creative Director Talks Multiplayer, PC Min Specs, Wii U Delay

Gameranx: "Jonathan Morin addresses several Watch Dogs inquiries after the big reveal."

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Meltic1656d ago

Lol im not getting this on PC. Ps4. No way this will run at 30-60 fps with my computer and my computer is good. Meaby i can run this in medium - high settings. But i want to feel the Power 100% so a ps4 WD for me

mantisimo1656d ago

I don't get it the latest trailer does look [email protected] as the car goes over the bridge and yet most game sites / journalists are saying the graphics are great ?

SteamPowered1656d ago

Why do you sound so offended about the PC version?

Meltic1656d ago

Im not :). Love pc and ps4. But i dont know why i love ps4 more. Sitting in the couch and play videogames from a controller is way more funnier than a computer. My thoughs. More comfortable too.

SteamPowered1656d ago


I am an avid PC gamer and I havent sat "in front' of my PC in a long time. Big Picture mode from Steam makes any PC a console experience. You should check them out. Most GPUs have an HDMI out nowadays anyways.

Dante811656d ago

large screen, 5.1/7.1 surround sound, your choice of game pad or kb/m. Let's not mention triple buffering + vsync for a non screen-tearing good time. OOPS!!

BoneBone1656d ago

Your computer can't be that good if you reckon it'll look better on the PS4. A $150 graphics card could display WDs better than the PS4 version.

Meltic1656d ago

I can say this. Its good enough to make the quality of the game on high but not ultra if there is ultra on settings. geforce gtx 760 graphic card i have

ProjectVulcan1656d ago

GTX760 is faster than PS4.

Up_N_U1656d ago

wiiu all the way they even said they want to fully use the gamepad so no amount of graphics on pc will change how awesome the gameplay is going to be on wiiU.

DryBoneKoopa851656d ago

I'm going to wait for the Wii U version as well. I want to see some reviews on it first. There is a lot of misconception going on.

I want to also make sure Ubisoft sticks to there word and make sure they deliver on there word. We will see though...

Up_N_U1656d ago

whats so funny is I was one of those people saying damn now I have to buy this amazing game on PC or ps4. but when he said were working and having fun with the gamepad I said. yep im going to be waiting for the wiiU version. this is going to be one of those games that's really going to make you ask yourself are graphics really worth it after you have seen the best of the best.

stragomccloud1656d ago

Agreed. I will easily be able to max out this game on my PC, but the gamepad always seems to make a good thing better. I'll take the gameplay immersion the gamepad adds over graphics any day.

SteamPowered1656d ago

I was going to wait for the Wii U version as well, but my Gf is still hardcore into Donkey Kong. Hopefully she loses interest before May. Doubtful though.

bobacdigital1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

I think Ubisoft has offered the best third party experiences on the Wii U outside of what Criterion did with NFS Most Wanted. They actually have tried on some of their games.

AC, Just Dance, Rayman, and Zombie U (way under appreciated) have been pretty good offerings that arguably have been on par if not better than 360 / ps3 counter parts.

Interesting tidbit is that the UBI Romania has worked on 3 Wii U titles (AC3, Just Dance 4, and AC4 BF).. So dont think a smoke screen is being sent out about the production of the game.

If Ubi pairs what they learned on Zombie U and AC4 with watchdogs I have confidence it will be a much better version than the last gen systems.. How on par with current gen is a question left to be answered.

webeblazing1656d ago

yeah im glad wiiU getting love. its seems like the best platforms to get it on would be wiiU and pc. wiiU definitely win on gameplay with the different approach to the game.

WPX1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

If the gamepad implementation is as good as Deus Ex Director's Cut, it's DEFINITELY worth waiting for it.

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Hugodastrevas1656d ago

They should be talking about the massive downgrade they are doing instead of spewing this MP BS! What about the customers who preordered the PS4/XbOne in their promises?!

starchild1656d ago

There is no massive downgrade. I haven't seen any evidence that there has been a downgrade at all.

DC7771656d ago

Looks like I can play this on my laptop now. Kind of saddening at the downgrade and the Wii U delay.

MilkMan1656d ago

After seeing the 14 minute gameplay demo one has to wonder how the WiiU would handle other players invading your game space? I'm sure they will eliminate that portion of the game.

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