How Twitch live streaming will work on the Xbox One

The battle for Twitch live streaming console supremacy continues. Will the Xbox One's Twitch app be better than the PS4's? Probably.

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BrianSharon1625d ago

Really interesting. Perhaps one of the most compelling factors is that each Xbox One is bundled with Kinect, theoretically making some of the most difficult aspects of streaming a breeze.

svoulis1625d ago

Yep, I feel that way too. Also the fact that PS4 cameras are as rare as finding the console itself. People buy them for streaming :D.

Glad to see the console community getting such a boost in options. Especially being a streamer myself.

UnwanteDreamz1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Good for them might as well get use out of that cam they forced you to buy. Options


Well for those who can think without fanboyism can't denie that the X1 version is the superior version at this point. I believe the fact that every X1 owner has a cam is enough reason alone to declare victory. But beyond that it has higher resolution. Archive, and the invite system. I own both consoles and enjoy them both but imo the X1 twitch app will be superior at launch. If anyone replies to my comment please do so with facts or reasons to argue my points. Leave the childish trolling comments to yourself.

Palitera1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

"Those who disagree with me are fanboys".
Talk about fanboyism and childish comments...


The UI on Live seems better and more organized, don't relying too much on the search box or most watched list, but the PS4 is better for two reasons:

1. Mostly the users are way more mature and less hysterical.
2. Japanese people on Playroom.


First of all if your going to quote someone make sure you do just that. Secondly everything you stated that makes the ps4 version "better" is subjective while my reasoning are FACTS! Who are you comparing these more "mature" gamers to? Wasn't it not once but TWICE ps4 users filmed themselves having sex or showing adult rated content using the ps4 version of twitch? Indeed it was so there goes your "mature" argument right out the window. And Wtf does "Japanese people in playroom" even mean? My god man how old are you? Like I said if you want to discuss then do so with facts which I've yet to see you do.

kewlkat0071625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

"but the PS4 is better for two reasons:
1. Mostly the users are way more mature and less hysterical."

I always get a couple of laughs coming on this site a day..

ZombieDust1625d ago

Not really what he said. They were just facts why twitch for x1 is superior, and there is no way around that fact. Calm down, no one said ps4 sucks or even its version of twitch.

"1. Mostly the users are way more mature and less hysterical."

That point couldn't be anymore wrong. Trust me read the comments on any article, doesnt even have to be ps or xbox related, you will see x1 bashing all over

SG1_dapunisherX1625d ago

@blkxseptember you speaking nothing but facts. and here come palitera to troll sad

UnwanteDreamz1625d ago

How are his opinions facts? As soon as you use words like superior or better you are no longer speaking about facts. Am I the only one here who took basic English in school?

KwietStorm1625d ago

I really don't think having Kinect has anything to do with it. It's just a better dedicated app, because it's directly designed natively by twitch, so it's in-line with their offerings on other platforms. And it just looks better, like twitch. Even the smartphone app looks better. Broadcast+ on PS4, I think is, and will be a huge thing moving forward, but the app itself needs a makeover, or at least a choice to use Live From PlayStation or an official twitch app.

UnwanteDreamz1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Fact Your review of software yet released is opinion. I like how you only want facts but all half your comment is subjective. Explain this to me. BTW calling everyone who doesn't agree with your opinion a
Fanboy is straight out of the trolling handbook.

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Palitera1625d ago

I just wish there was a "random stream" button to watch.

For instance: I played Dead Nation with stream to test the interactive features and the only person that connected for hours was myself, on a fake account, through my PC.


mhunterjr1625d ago

One potential problem I see is the kinect for chat setting.

Kinect for broadcast audio and kinect for chat need to be two separate settings.
I would use kinect for my twitch commentary, but I don't want to have to keep going into settings every time I want to play an online game, just to turn off the kinect mic.

AutoCad1625d ago

sweet,i just recently upgraded my connection..cant wait to stream titanfall in 720p.

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