Microsoft angers early adopters by offering free ‘Forza 5′

Getting a free game like Forza 5 sounds like a great deal for new Xbox One customers, right? No. It’s actually an “absolute slap in the face”—at least that’s according to a large chunk of the console’s early adopters.
Dozens and dozens of people reacted negatively to the news about the digital freebie on Major Nelson’s blog. Their beef in a nutshell? “We bought the Xbox One at launch, and we’re pissed you’re giving away free games so soon.”

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Neonridr1595d ago

Wow, here's hoping Microsoft rewards the people who picked up the console day one.

zeal0us1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

Why should early adopters be entitled to a reward? The console was release almost 4 months ago. When you buy a console at launch you are paying to access its features and games first and nothing more. Yes rewarding early adopters is great for your image and reputation but it is not something a company is obligated to do.

Neonridr1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

Little bit of a slap in the face. How is Microsoft saying thank you for helping to get their console off the ground? Without the people who bought the console day one, there wouldn't be an install base. 4 months ago is barely anytime at all. You think if the PS4 suddenly came out with an Infamous version that included the game as a pack-in for free, there wouldn't be some angry PS4 users?

It's one thing to offer bundles 6-12 months down the road. But we are talking about 3 and a half months since the One launched.

And it's not just early adopters, what if someone bought the console yesterday? Shouldn't they be upset too?

xHeavYx1594d ago

I think MS should have released Forza 5 as a Games With Gold free game. Huge opportunity missed here

TrueJerseyDevil1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )


Because people are cheap and always want stuff for free. Here is a tip guys: Nothing in life is free.


Why do they need to give us free stuff? That makes them look more desperate than price drops etc. The thing that will make us early adopters feel better is keep improving the console like they have been. Also this is why you don't buy stuff at launch, especially if you knew this would probably happen. I bought my Xbox One Saturday, do you see me complaining that I didn't get Titanfall for free? That was my choice. Stop your complaining and get over it.

They are doing this because the PS4 is selling better than their system and want to spike sales.

Isn't Sony doing the same thing with Infamous? I believe you get a yea of PS+, Infamous, and a controller for $560. If you buy all that separate it costs $615 with tax

@Heavy maybe they will do that, because everyone is pissed about this

Septic1594d ago

Its not a slap in the face ffs. The sense of entitlement people have is ridiculous. People will moan about anything these days.

pompombrum1594d ago

Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Even if they offered it free to every Xbox One owner, the ones who already own forza would be complaining asking for a different game.

zeal0us1594d ago

Its okay for early adopters to be upset. However no one forced to them to go out buy Xbox Ones. Being a early adopter does not open the door for you to gifts every time MS decides to offer a deal.

Biggest1594d ago

Especially when they rush out to support a product only to have the product die a few years later. Wait. I'm talking about the original Xbox.

Especially when they rush out to support a product only to have the product die a few years later. Wait. I'm talking about the Xbox 360.

Especially when they rush out to support a product only to have the product perform well, but not as well as the competition, and still feel pressed enough to reward people that chose NOT to support the product initially. People will whine about those things.

dumahim1594d ago


We got day 1 edition controller and copy of the game.

CJDUNCAN1594d ago

It's not a slap in the face because videogames are hobbies. It wasn't mandatory for someone to go pick up an Xbox 1, they chose to with full knowledge that bundles would come eventually. PS4 had a few bundles at launch just like the Xbox One did.

We can't even complain about EU getting Fifa free at launch either. They pay way more for consoles and games than we do in the states.

So just suck it up, and this is coming from someone with an Xbox One.

Neonridr1594d ago

@Septic Nobody said anything about being entitled, so don't put words in my mouth. I said it's a slap in the face because MS is saying that they value new business over existing business. It's the existing people that got them to where they are now.

I just think that they are dropping the ball PR wise. You don't think that there would be general praise and support for MS if they were to say everyone gets a free copy of Forza?

Would go a long way towards painting MS in a more positive light, especially with everything that has been going wrong for them lately.

curtis921594d ago

Where does it end? What are the parameters?

Are you saying they could launch on day one, then on day two release a game for free, ignoring those that just bought it the day before?

What's the acceptable timeframe? I say a year. but 4 months? That's pushing it. Especially with the highest quality exclusive you have ATM.

mcarsehat1594d ago

there was already a free copy of forza in launch consoles lol and fifa. what's changed?

PoSTedUP1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

they dont have to say "thank you". plus, fkin Really? this is MS youre dealing with... cmon now. i bet if sony did this people would be happy for thoes who are recieving a free game like "congratz, man!" LOL. If MS didnt try to do ppl dirty and keep showing their corporate greed, they would not be in this predicament in the first place. reward the Whole fanbase by giving them free games (MP, MMO, F2P), dont make them pay to use Apps, and offer a better Value with XBoxLive(e.g. better free games); and people wouldnt be complaining about a free damn game!!!

darthv721594d ago

You know, i am SO pissed at SEGA now for giving away Sonic the Hedgehog to new Genesis buyers when i had to buy my copy. This is it...boycot EVERYTHING video game related people. Lets all vote with our wallets and not buy anything again until they (companies) give us all something for free.

okay that was a tad off topic but hey...its the mob mentality thats going around.

Ghost_Nappa1594d ago

You are entitled to nothing. There is no arguement to be had, you just aren't.

Outside_ofthe_Box1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

To those saying "stop being entitled" "this is expected as an early adopter" "no one forced you to buy the consoles" etc. I have a question...

When you bought your console in November/December did you know/expect that MS would give away free copies of games by March?

...If you did... WHY the hell didn't you warn us!?

darthv721594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

@outside...if tomorrow sony said they were cutting the price of the ps4 to $299 what would you say to all the early adopters?

Or that they were giving away the game killzone and the camera in a new bundle for $399 and its only been 4 mos...what would you say?

Would you be mad at sony or would you be more of the type to say, way to go sony now more people can buy one and we will get more support from the growing userbase?

Its never about when something happens but the fact that it happens. you either are on the side of already got one or you dont.

if you already got one you tend to look at the bigger picture of: more incentives to entice consumers to buy...the better. If you dont have one you look at the bigger picture of: now i have an even better incentive to buy than before.

Is it really so difficult to see the good in this move? People always looking for a negative will stop at nothing to find one and exploit it for their own satisfaction. That really cant be as satisfying as playing a game.....can it?

Oh_Yeah1594d ago

Should have known better than to pick up a Microsoft console at launch...history repeats people.

ramiuk11594d ago

becasuye people are buying ti now as its discounted and with free games,yet the poeple who bought from start was supporters of MS and there vision?
it is a slap in the face totally imo...

but who would of though MS would have to do all this just to try and sell a few more.
console and 4 games £400 in uk
console and titan fall £369 in uk
can be bought preowned lately for under £280 lol.
thats some heavy price cuts there

shorty74a1594d ago

I agree with zeal0us. I am an early adopter and I am not upset. Right now I am enjoying Plants vs. Zombies and the Project Spark beta. I am satisfied with my purchase. More power to the gamers that waited to get an Xbone. They get a free game.

fr0sty1594d ago

Sony got it right by releasing games given away on plus the same day as the game itself, rather than giving away games already released. That prevents this from happening. We've known drive club will be partially free on plus for ages, for instance.

However, good to see MS stepping up their free game giveaways to games that are more modern and relevant. that will help close the gap between the services, if they can just do it more often.

Nocando1594d ago

Early adopter here, still not angry. This is mostly a few comments made some early adopters who feel shafted being blown out of proportion.

Outside_ofthe_Box1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )


***"if tomorrow sony said they were cutting the price of the ps4 to $299 what would you say to all the early adopters?

Or that they were giving away the game killzone and the camera in a new bundle for $399 and its only been 4 mos...what would you say?"***

If I bought a PS4 at launch and that happened I'd be angry. Dropping the console to $299 by March? If that was something that I knew was a HIGH possibility or even a moderate possibility of happening I would have sure as hell waited.

I don't have a PS4 yet. I don't plan on getting one until 2015/2016 when I expect the price to drop and when library of games is rich. I've never expected the price of both the XB1 and PS4 to drop this year or expected a game to be given away for free with a system this year though.

Nor did anyone else for that matter back in November/December, especially since the XB1 was selling very well at that time. The closest thing you had to that prediction was people saying that they should unbundle Kinect which people had been saying since the console's inception anyway. We don't know if the January numbers are what MS wanted/expected, but based off the two months prior to Jan I'd say the XB1 was selling very well on it's own at it's current price point.

That said I never said that MS must reward early adopters because they don't have to and aren't obligated to. In the big scheme of things; "tough luck", "too bad" "life isn't fair", etc., but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't be upset about what happened though. There are positives and negatives to everything I get that. Obviously this is a good move on MS's part because it moves more units, increases the userbase, garners more support, etc., but if people feel upset that it happened so early then they sure as hell have a right to feel that way and it's NOT because they feel entitled. If this was September or something then I'd be on the side that it isn't unreasonable to expect a price drop or some great deals to be happening especially if by that time the console is struggling to sell.

The point of my original comment was just to point out that nobody expected this to happen 3-2 months ago and that includes both the people that are upset now and those that are okay with what MS is doing. So to say things like "your an early adopter this is what happens/ what is expected happen" just isn't true at all or else those upset right would have waited to begin with.

hulk_bash19871594d ago

“Once again Microsoft gives the finger to those who supported them on day one. Pre-order, or stand in line for hours day one and get nothing. Wait 3 months or so and get a free game. If you happen to live in the UK, you get a price cut too! Thank you Microsoft for showing me how much my support means to you.”

“This and the Titanfall Bundle for $499 are an absolute slap in the face from Microsoft. … offering bundles 3 months after the release of a console for the same price as the initial release is absolutely ridiculous…. I say that compensation is due here Microsoft, do the right thing once again! Whether that compensation be a free game, a free DLC, or even a few months free of Xbox Live is inconsequential. What is important is that you appreciate your customer base and show it, instead of spitting in their faces.”

“You know, I am not trying to act entitled here but I as an early/day one adopter (for every Xbox system to date) these free game promotions 3 1/2 months after launch are really starting to make me feel unappreciated.”

People have to stop bitching about stuff like this. No one twisted your arm to buy a console Day 1. Be happy with your purchase or don't, but stop acting like you're entitled to something for buying it.

kreate1594d ago

Postedup pretty much nailed it.

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nicksetzer11594d ago

What a bunch of whiny bitches ... it's how products work ... just like any product, what you pay now, may be lower later. You ps fanboys are such hypocrites. "Ms needs a price drop." Ms drops the price and "it's unfair." Buch of sensationalist BS.

raWfodog1594d ago

What does this have to do with "ps fanboys"? Isn't it the MS early adopters who are supposedly angered?

nicksetzer11594d ago

Supposedly, is the key here. This is a biased fueled flame article, nothing more. The same thing would happen if they dropped the price in november. If thousands bought an xb1 in october then price dropped in november....

Kribwalker1594d ago

Early adopter of 2 Xbox one consoles here. Not upset one bit by this. If I wanted forza 5 I woulda bought it.

Why o why1594d ago

In the UK there is a period where the difference can be refunded should the production go down in price within a certain time frame.

I can understand that some are moaning but different company's deal with things like this differently. Some do more than they have to whereas others do very little. Best thing isn't to anger your core if you ask me

Legacy2121594d ago

Who did not see a titanfall bundle coming? Like cmom people smarten up. I bought my console in november fully knowing this bundle will come out and I do not care. Ive been pkaying my console everyday since november so I got no regrets.

curtis921594d ago

Because the price drop is WITH kinect bundled in. So why didn't they just launch at the reduced price anyway? It just shows that A) they're hurting bad and B) Kinect should be an option

darthv721594d ago

@rawfodog, the trouble with validity is it can easily be fabricated.

I can say im an early adopter but would you believe me? I am not by the way nor would i find any real pleasure in proclaiming i am just to say Im mad as hell that i didnt get a free game.

There are many who say something to try and make something bigger than it is. Its the same with game scores on sites like meta. A high profile game can get good scores only to have its overall score brought down by users who may not even own the game but have every intention of bringing down the score on purpose.

so how are we to really know if this poll of early adopters is even accurate? we dont and as such its better to take anything you read on the internet with a syringe of salt because a grain just doesnt cut it anymore.

raWfodog1594d ago

@ darthv72

Of course somebody can make up anything on the internet or fabricate and claim that it's backed up by stats. But how is that any different from someone claiming that a story is actually being made up by "sony fanboys"? Where's the proof of that? As if it shouldn't even be considered that those quotes could have actually came from legitimate XB1 owners?

Now I don't have a pony in this console race at all and I don't have any hate at all towards MS or the XB1. If they come out with a game(s) that I'd really like to play and I can't get it on any other system then I'm forking over my money as well. I own a PS3 and a 360 and a WiiU. But people who are quick to point out hypocrites and fanboys should at least consider that they made be one as well.

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miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1594d ago

How is this news? I'm a day one buyer. I'm not angry at all. That's a good deal for people to get. Early adopters pay the most always. That's the way it is.

Funny how this is news. Where is the proof? Where? Where are all these angry people at?


NOPE, Let them wine, this is blown wayyyyy out of proportion since every company does this but when MS does, people loose their minds lol, keep whining babies!

malokevi1594d ago

lol. This is ridiculous. I got Xbox One and Forza 5 on launch day. I'm not pissed off. I knew what I was paying for. I knew bundles would come. You want a handy-j every time MS decides to bundle something or drop the price, just because you're an early adopter?

People are pathetically entitled in the gaming community. Bunch of babies.

Droidbro1594d ago

Including the free game isn't a way of saying thank you, it's a way of selling more consoles, just like every single other console that's been sold with games included. I know it's hard to except for those who see every action from MS as screwing the constomers. I'm a day one edition owner and yes I would have liked a free game but life goes on. Stop being whiny little bitches about everything.

Magicite1594d ago

if MS keeps on by giving away best system games, then that way they might really move quite some more units.

Gamer19821594d ago

Lets be fair here this is to virtually boost sales. The best selling game of all time is wii sports at 80 million and nobody ever bought a copy.

BQ321594d ago

Man, these day 1 adopters are upset lol, consider my situation. I bought an xbox one just over a month ago specifically for Titanfall and to get into the beta. Then a couple of weeks later I see that they are giving the game away for free. Guess I paid $60 for a week long demo.

Blaze9291594d ago

i swear authors are literally making ish up now. Who is upset? We never see where these upset people are.

I was gonna type so much more than this but honestly, who cares -_-

Prime1571594d ago

It's called incentivizing. I understand that early adapters feel unappreciated, but this is a businesses decision to bring new people into the product.

All the self entitled people who bought in early should have seen the sales gap between the consoles and should have known that Microsoft would pick up their game for console sales..

Besides, most of these companies do customer appreciation sales anyway.

nunley331594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

This and the free Titanfall is a slap in the face to their most hardcore ms apologists customers. There's one word to describe this --- desperate.

chuckyj11594d ago


Ummm... What did Sony do for the early adopters of the highly priced PS3... Which dropped in price, b/c it couldn't move units...

Oh. That's right nothing... So maybe Sony fans shouldn't be so quick to bash MS...

Hicken1594d ago

How long into the PS3's life was the first price cut? Wanna bet money it was more than twice as long as what's happening with the XB1? Yeah, not the same. Nintendo DID give out quite a few games when they dropped the price of the 3DS early, though.

They didn't have to, but it was a nice gesture. Microsoft doesn't HAVE to, but it would be a nice gesture of goodwill. XB1 owners aren't necessarily ENTITLED to a free game or something, but it would definitely be a pretty feather in their cap.

So, if you're Microsoft, and you're looking to get some good publicity that would be a nice a quick way to make themselves look good, why not?

aLucidMind1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

By this logic, I should have gotten Skyrim and Forza 4 for free because I bought my 360 a few years before the 360/Skyrim/Forza 4 bundle was released. You're not owed anything and it isn't a slap in the face, it is self-entitlement.

SlapHappyJesus1594d ago

Their "reward" was getting their next gen console months beforehand. Are we now supposed to cater to those with the wants and means to have access to everything day one?
This offer is to get more people interested in purchasing the console. The ones that already do apparently had all the justification they needed in the console itself. That's on them. The ones who already grabbed the console weren't the sorts who would be happy to wait months in order to get a free game.

Azzanation1594d ago

People buy consoles to play the games not to support a company. That's the problem with fanboys these days. Its not about the games anymore but about supporting. Do yourself a favour and play the games. I brought a Day One edition and I paid full prise for Forza 5, I couldn't care less if they give it away because my XB1 has been keeping me entertained for those 4 months.

BallsEye1594d ago

What is wrong with you people?? When Sony gives a free game it's like OMG SONY THE BEST MS DOESNT CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS. When MS gives a free game it's a bad thing and a slap in the face??? WHA THE F???

SlapHappyJesus1594d ago

There's an obvious bias on this site. No denying it. That said, seems most are calling this out as the non-issue that it is.

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Majin-vegeta1595d ago

Why not give them a $10 voucher??It's the least they could do.

ThichQuangDuck1594d ago

ha 10$ voucher compared to a 60$ game

AutoCad1594d ago

10 voucher code will be awesome,i would only have to pay 2 bucks for peggle 2

HeavenlySnipes1594d ago

They don't have to give them anything

Prime1571594d ago

It was that consumer's CHOICE to buy the console THEN and THERE with whatever he/she saw in the exchange of goods for currency.

When you buy a new game for $60, do you throw a fit when the price drops a few months later? This is just ignorant, self important, entitled, annoying, and just plain DUMB consumerism.

Anon19741594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

Of course not. Because games have short sales cycles. We know what to expect and we know how quickly game prices can drop after a few months.

Game consoles have much, much longer sale cycles and it's unprecedented to see these type of price drops and free offers this soon after launch. To offer some perspective, Microsoft originally cut the price of the first Xbox after roughly 6 months in response to a PS2 price cut. To make it up to early adopters, they sent out "thank you" packages with 2 free games and a free controller. When Nintendo cut the 3DS price after 6 months, they offered a public apology and 20 free games. Companies like Apple in the US have faced class action suits from early adopters, and chose to settle, for dropping prices too quickly. And the industry, by offering compensation to early adopters in previous cases where they cut the price soon after launch, has set the precedent themselves that early price cuts and giveaways aren't the norm for console sales.

It's not simply "buyer beware" out there. There are consumer protection rules in place for a reason. Early adopters could easily argue they were advertised and sold a value proposal with the XBox One that turned out to not be the case mere months after the fact.

IanVanCheese1595d ago

I got Forza 5 free with my Xbox One at launch anyway.


Kayant1595d ago

I kinda can see why some people will be anger as long as they are from NA seeing as the Fifa/Forza deal was only europe and UK.

metalsonar7131595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

who cares, you are an early adopter grow up or dont buy at launch, there was always going to be deals down the road

gillri1595d ago

exactly, thats the price oyu pay for being an early adopter

Anon19741595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

Yeah, a year down the road...not immediately after launch. This is unprecedented. Nintendo dropped the price of the 3DS 6 months after launch and offered public apologies and 20 free games for early adopters. The Xbox One launch is still in the rear view mirror and already MS is throwing free games at new users. Of course early adopters are going to be pissed. Shouldn't they be?

Here, let me fix your statement. "You're an early adopter. Grow up or dont buy a Microsoft product at launch." There...fixed.

Chanogram1595d ago

Is there some rule or law that says they cont do a promotion within a year of launch? this is price you pay for being early adopters, of ANYTHING. I bought my 70" TV for 3 thousand dollars. 4 months later, it was down to 2,300. I didnt call sharp or go bitch about it. That is the nature of electronics and media. You buy at launch, you pay more and typically don't get any "extra" value.

Neonridr1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

@m0lt0n - no you typically don't.

But then there's Nintendo and what they did with the 3DS. And you know what? That's how you distinguish yourself from a great company, to being just like the rest.. careless.

OiNioB1594d ago

So everybody wants them to unbundle the kinect and/or drop the price of the Xbox too 400 to "compensate" for the "lashing" their getting from the PS4 in sales. But at the same time they want MS to pay for any early price drops by offering free games to its early adaptors....

This article is blowing things out of proportion but it makes sense considering the hate MS has been getting since the very announcement of its new console.

Neonridr1594d ago

@xDHAV0K24x - actually they were a bunch of eshop virtual console games. Hardly shovelware.

But I guess if you would rather prefer nothing.. then so be it.

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Volkama1594d ago

No this cannot be. When I bought my console I specifically insisted on a contract that prohibits any future price reductions on the console. You know, just to spite other people.

They are exploiting a loophole by offering this free game. I am now in a state of rage.