Why Rockstar’s Next Open World Should Take Place In The Future

OnlySP: Envisioning Concepts is a brand new series where we examine some of the best developers and franchises of the industry, and envision what direction could be taken next. This can vary from possible locations, new mechanics and new directions we think could fit. As we have now entered a new generation of gaming, there’s a lot of possibilities ahead for new games and new ideas for existing games. The article is a light-hearted look at “What could be?” and we encourage you, as a reader, to help contribute to the article in the comments below. Last week, we discussed Dead Space.

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Mr_cheese1628d ago

I must admit an open world game set in the future by rockstar really does sound appealing. Bounty hunters comes to mind...

lolCHILLbro1627d ago

Rockstar couldnt even do this world with GTA Online, nevermind a future world lol

CrossingEden1627d ago

Rockstar was definitely limited by last gen hardware. They should definitely have the chance to do this with next gen hardware.

PoSTedUP1627d ago

im not really-one for the future tbh. well not in a GTA, anyways. gimme ah Mafia setting, scarface or present, and im good. WWwest works well for me, too.

caseh1627d ago

Scarface thing has kinda been done with Vice City.

PoSTedUP1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

i know. im just saying i like the 80's-kinda setting, scarface the game was sick, too. but i also think its 'bout time they remade Vice City, that would blow my mind.

SolidGear31627d ago

Mafia III is in development

PoSTedUP1627d ago

i know, its gonna be dope! : D

Joey_Leone1627d ago

It would be very interesting.

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