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Warp Zoned writes:

"I’ve been a fan of the stealth genre since 1998, when I first played the greatest game ever: Metal Gear Solid. No hyperbole, of course. That’s not to say I don’t like other games in the genre, too: the entire Splinter Cell series is excellent and, more recently, Dishonored was hugely impressive. However, Thief was one I just never played. The loot-em-up is apparently the genesis of some stealth mechanics, such as light meters and sound cues, which were revolutionary achievements in the first person point of view. So, it should have been no surprise that I was incredibly intrigued by this new reimagining of Thief.

Sadly, if opportunity makes a thief, this reboot offers them up sparingly."

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Orionsangel1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

Bad reviews are the best thing that can happen to a game likes this, means it'll go to the bargain bin a lot quicker. I'll be snatching this one up soon on Steam for 10 bucks.