25 Great Wii Games You May Have Overlooked

A fun slideshow of awesome Wii games that flew under the radar.

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Neonridr1598d ago

Red Steel 2, what an amazing game. Shame that more people didn't take notice due to the poor reception of the first game.

DryBoneKoopa851598d ago

I never played Red Steel or Red Steel 2. Just started collecting Wii games for my Wii U. Have to say there are a ton of really great games for the Wii.

Coming from you I might need to try and find a copy of Red Steel 1 and 2.

Neonridr1598d ago

definitely part 2 if you can find it. It truly is awesome. And it's a blend of futuristic and old west, so the combination is pretty radical. Makes very good use of the WiiMotion+

clouds51598d ago

Can't agree more. On of the most fun experiences I had with gaming in the last few years. It made me sweat and shout stuff like "take that" at the TV :D for me it proved that motion controls can work and be alot of fun if done right.